Dogs in the Vineyard (Custom Rules) – Sean’s Pick, 032015

It’s hard to come up with something different in media, and there’s some added difficulty in coming up with an RPG experience that veers off of comfortable roads. Dogs in the Vineyard – winner of multiple awards and highly lauded as one of the more divergent roleplaying experiences you’re likely to encounter – is now finally available on DriveThruRPG. Set in the pre-statehood Utah territory with a re-imagined Mormon State of Deseret, you play a kind of Old West-era paladin in conflict with heretics and the US Government.

I’ll let noted RPG journalist/commentator Shannon Appelcline say it like it is –

“A story of God’s Watchdogs, trying to preserve the faithful on the hostile frontier of the 19th century. This was one of the first indies to be notably successful, both financially and sociologically. It introduced the idea of ‘say yes or roll’, where GMs either went along with player suggestions, or gave them opportunity to occur through a die roll. Dogs was also notable for its revolutionary game design and for its existence as both an adventure story and a morality tale, all backed up by those mechanics. It truly captured the imagination of the indie field following its release.”


  1. Kerry Harrison March 21, 2015 8:35 pm  Reply

    What’s with the (Apocalypse World Engine) in the title?

    • spfannon March 23, 2015 5:38 pm  Reply

      It was originally listed as being based on that game engine by the publisher, so I went with what seemed their desired intent. I am editing accordingly, as they’ve now altered the listing.

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