Prime Directive (d20 Modern) – Sean’s Pick, 022715

I believe this is a fitting pick today. A celebration of a fallen friend, boldly going into that great undiscovered country. A benefit to one of our own, who lost a loved one far too soon.

Make it so.

This is the Jonathan Thompson benefit edition of the Prime Directive PD20M Core Rulebook. The only thing different is that it is selling for half price and all of the profits go to help Jonathan whose fiancée passed away unexpectedly. As he wrote “My heart is broken, and I am having to deal with that along with handling the funeral expenses and seeing to her last wishes. Something like this you can never really plan for or expect.” This is ADB’s way of helping.

Roleplaying on the Final Frontier using the d20 Modern rules!

The universe you love comes to the game system you already know! Brilliantly compiled by Jonathan M. Thompson, Prime Directive PD20 Modern allows you to take the heroic role of a starship captain, a commando, a diplomat, a spy, or a trader flying a shuttle of tribbles from planet to planet.

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