Eagle Eyes (FATE) – Sean’s Pick, 022415

For players and GMs alike, a new “World of Adventure” for FATE from Evil Hat.

Experience Roman noir firsthand in Eagle Eyes, the latest Fate World of Adventure from Pete Woodworth. Battle cynicism, corruption and murder in the shadow of the Coliseum. Play Eagles, the Senate’s private investigators, and use every means at your disposal to get at the truth behind everything from “ordinary” murders and robberies to high treason, noble intrigue, military coup attempts, and perhaps even the strange and terrible excesses of the Emperors.

Life is cheap and the dust of Rome soaks up a lot of blood, but the rewards for those that survive are beyond the dreams of lesser men.

Eagle Eyes requires Fate Accelerated or Fate Core to play. This 43-page supplement contains:

  • An in-depth look at the setting of ancient Rome in Fate
  • A twist on Fate Accelerated approaches that allows characters to invoke Roman deities
  • GM advice on dealing with characters of different social classes and group dynamics
  • System constructs for conspiracies and mysteries in Fate
  • Adventure seeds to get you started gaming

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