Called Away – Sean’s Pick, 020315

It’s definitely one of those “Why didn’t I think of this?” kinds of things. Ennead Games has a way with random lists that are designed to help GMs deal with all kinds of situations and creative needs, and this one will be a brilliant aid for every player at the table.

You know it happens all the time – someone can’t make it to the game, and no one wants to deal with putting them on auto-pilot or being run by someone else…

…Where did they go? What are they doing when not in play?

This is where “Called Away” can help you to fill in the blanks and give a brief overview of where the character or even an npc has been. The actual details are left up to you, but they can be a good source of future adventures.

The main table has 100 entries suitable for a fantasy or medieval setting with several sub tables helping to flesh out and give further options and ideas.

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