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I believe this is a fitting pick today. A celebration of a fallen friend, boldly going into that great undiscovered country. A benefit to one of our own, who lost a loved one far too soon.

Make it so.

This is the Jonathan Thompson benefit edition of the Prime Directive PD20M Core Rulebook. The only thing different is that it is selling for half price and all of the profits go to help Jonathan whose fiancée passed away unexpectedly. As he wrote “My heart is broken, and I am having to deal with that along with handling the funeral expenses and seeing to her last wishes. Something like this you can never really plan for or expect.” This is ADB’s way of helping.

Roleplaying on the Final Frontier using the d20 Modern rules!

The universe you love comes to the game system you already know! Brilliantly compiled by Jonathan M. Thompson, Prime Directive PD20 Modern allows you to take the heroic role of a starship captain, a commando, a diplomat, a spy, or a trader flying a shuttle of tribbles from planet to planet.

All that hardware, internal and carried. All that training, all those mad skills, incredible vehicles, and powerful magics – sometimes you just really, really want to unleash them, right!?!

Time to visit the city that’s (not) nice, they named it twice – New York, New York. The Battle of Manhattan is about to rock this town, rock it inside out…

Come to Manhattan because the corporations are spoiling for a fight. Most of the time, we’re good at keeping our spats clean and civilized. We lie, we cheat, we steal, but we do not engage in anything as vulgar as open street fighting. Sometimes, though, we can’t help ourselves. Sometimes, the tension gets to be too much, and it breaks, and it bursts into the open.

That time is coming.

Bring your skills, bring your wits, and definitely bring your guns. You’ll need everything you got. We are anxious to take advantage of what you have.

Come to Manhattan. We’re waiting for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a huge thing. Not only for current Pathfinder Adventure Card Game enthusiasts, but for anyone who digs the concept of user-created content being facilitated and validated in the most powerful way possible. I’ll let the real brains behind this, Steve Wieck, explain in better detail (excerpted from his blog post) –

Over a year ago, I posted about the coming revolution in card games (and board games) based upon the ability to print any content on any single card. I laid out some possible ways that OneBookShelf, through our, site hoped to aid that revolution. One of those ways was by empowering a game’s community to create content for their favorite game.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator

Today we release the first iteration of our community card creator. We’ve partnered with Paizo Publishing to give Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG) fans the ability to create, print, and share their own cards for PACG.

Seriously, friends, not only is a big deal for fans of PACG, but for a lot of other game fans as the future unfolds.

For players and GMs alike, a new “World of Adventure” for FATE from Evil Hat.

Experience Roman noir firsthand in Eagle Eyes, the latest Fate World of Adventure from Pete Woodworth. Battle cynicism, corruption and murder in the shadow of the Coliseum. Play Eagles, the Senate’s private investigators, and use every means at your disposal to get at the truth behind everything from “ordinary” murders and robberies to high treason, noble intrigue, military coup attempts, and perhaps even the strange and terrible excesses of the Emperors.

Life is cheap and the dust of Rome soaks up a lot of blood, but the rewards for those that survive are beyond the dreams of lesser men.

Eagle Eyes requires Fate Accelerated or Fate Core to play. This 43-page supplement contains:

  • An in-depth look at the setting of ancient Rome in Fate
  • A twist on Fate Accelerated approaches that allows characters to invoke Roman deities
  • GM advice on dealing with characters of different social classes and group dynamics
  • System constructs for conspiracies and mysteries in Fate
  • Adventure seeds to get you started gaming

Fans of the new Firefly game (or just Firefly/Serenity in general) will find this gem well worth adding to their collection. The Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim includes –

  • Reputation Rules: Find out how to earn your Reputation, how to lose it, and how to make it count. While Reputation rules are player-facing, Gamemaster characters will employ Dispositions to guide interactions with the Crew. In addition to the new Reputation rules, you’ll also dive into plenty of examples, read about the four Factions in the ’Verse, and get an overview of Dispositions, too!
  • New Crewmember Archetypes and Boats: You’ll read about the suggested Reputation die ratings for the Serenity Crew and discover twelve, brand new archetypes along with new ships. They are: Alliance Contractor, Alliance Dogfighter, Alliance General, Folk Hero, Freedom Fighter, Roving Medic, Corporate Broker, Corporate Lackey, Corporate Researcher, Friendly Face, Lone Hood, and the Shady Entrepreneur.
  • Good Shepherd’s Run: Each location in the Blue Sun and Kalidasa Systems is presented like a brand new Episode for you to dive in and explore with new story ideas, ship rules, adventure ideas, new Antagonists, new Chinese phrases, and a whole lot more! In the Good Shepherd’s Run, you’ll fly to places like Deadwood, Ghost, Kuan Lo, and strange locations like The Nest!
  • All in the Family: Written by Margaret Weis. Nothing’s more important than family, ’cept maybe a big ole strongbox of gold coins. Bao-Huang Qin, the leader of the Dragon Tong, has tasked your Crew with recovering his loot, thought lost after it’d been confiscated by the Alliance. Qin ain’t askin’, though—he’s holding Jayne’s momma as collateral and his daughter, Fang-Hua Qin, is accompanying the Crew on this job. Easy, right? Problem is it’s on a wreck floating in Reaver space, and four mercs sent by Qin’s unlikely rival Agnes Pierce will be racin’ your Crew to the prize—and they don’t give a damn about Jayne’s momma.
  • Circling the Wagons: Written by Greg Stolze. Folk in the Core think they can put a leash on damn near everyone else in the ’Verse, and one of their leashes is named Special Independent Investigator Garth Mandrake. But a leash matters less to them what love power than who’s holdin’ it. Mandrake’s found himself caught between two political cliques within the Alliance. Their tiff strands him on an uncharted rock facetiously known as Barry’s Kingdom, with each side hiring a ship—the Crew and their greatest rivals—to pick him up and get him under their control. The Crews got to deal with double-dealing, rampaging wrecks and the namesake of the planetoid to get the SII in hand while he’s still breathing. And that’s before the Reavers show up.
  • Expanded Appendix: We’ve included a brand new FAQ, Chinese translations, more Distinctions, maps for the Kalidasa and Blue Sun Systems, and a set of brand new tools for players and GMs—an Advancement Sheet that includes Reputation die ratings and a GMC Sheet to take the guesswork out of building GMCs, too!


One of our own suffered a Critical Hit recently, and this bundle is our way of trying to give him a hand up.

Jonathon Thompson, owner of Battlefield Press, lost his girlfirend a few days ago to an unexpected heart attack. Not only is this a devastating blow, but it is also an extremely expensive one. We’re going to help soak up some of that damage.

Almost $400 dollars worth of fantastic gaming products for a mere $30! From Shaintar and Suzerain to the world of the Tarnished Souk, and Tunse’al there are realms and adventures and add ons guaranteed to kick your game up a notch. Just take a look at the companies that have come together in suport of Jonathn in his time of need:

Stygian Fox, Savage Mojo, Rite Publishing, Rogue Genius Games, Miskatonic River Press, DSL Ironworks, Arc Dream Publishing, Applied Vectors, Obatron Productions, and Evil Beagle Games!

The entirety of the royalties from this bundle will help defray the unexpected costs of Tammy’s funeral.

So grab a bundle, step up your game, and help one of our community through a really rough patch. How can you lose?

Full Disclosure – I am not using my usual Affiliate ID with this one; it’s all for charity.

One of the many awesome products in this bundle –

And the beat goes on as the Big D&D Sale continues at DriveThruRPG. Today, the ultimate collection for the 4th Edition of the World’s Most Popular Roleplaying Game. Though easily the most controversial and vociferously reviled version in some corners, D&D 4e is in actuality a very enjoyable game. The problem for many is that is far less about roleplaying than it is about tactical gameplay in a tabletop environment that feels very much like an MMO simulation.

If you’ve never really looked at the rules, they’re worth your time – if for no other reason than to see where some of those nifty changes you’ve noted in 5e come from. At a $4.95 price point, now’s a great time to add it to the digital library.

This handy and comprehensive Dungeons & Dragons book is intended as a quick rules reference. It contains the complete core rules for the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

In addition to providing an overview of the game and how it’s played, this book presents the core rules in a format that is easily referenced during a game. It includes information on level advancement, combat, experience points, treasure, skills, equipment, and more.

Product History – The 320-page Rules Compendium (2010) is a largely “fluff-free” book. That makes it lousy bedtime reading perhaps, unless you’re a rules enthusiast, but regardless, it’s a superb in-game reference. With a detailed table of contents and index, well-defined chapters and rules organization, and plenty of clear examples, this one book acts as a fast and useful rules reference that encompasses the rules content of multiple other 4e books.

It’s time again to point out to you GMs – both at the table, and those who use virtual tabletop programs like Roll20 – that there are some incredible sources of usable maps available from my friends at DramaScape. Their latest is great for any modern games, as well as supers and cyberpunk. How many times have wanted for a great subway station to stage an awesome fight in (you know, like Mister Smith and Neo)?

Subway Station is a subterranean map of a modern subway terminal.

Subway Station is intended for use in modern or near future science fiction settings. Subway Station uses the same subway lines from our Trains: Modern product allowing Game Masters to fit the subway cars from that product on this map seamlessly. For more futuristic science fiction settings, use our Metro Station map product instead.

Continuing the focus on the amazing deals for D&D stuff going on right now, here’s one for the folks who will always believe the revision of 3rd Edition – more commonly called “Three-Five” – stands as the best iteration of the game they love. It’s on sale for $6.95!

Tired of hauling all of your D&D rules supplements to the gaming table? Having trouble finding the rule you need? This supplement takes all of the roleplaying game’s most important rules and presents them in a single comprehensive, easy-to-reference volume for players and Dungeon Masters alike. In addition to presenting the rules of the game, this supplement incorporates official errata as well as behind-the-scenes designer and developer commentary explaining how the rules system has evolved and why certain rules work the way they do.

For use with these Dungeons & Dragons core books: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual.

Product History – The Rules Compendium (2007) was compiled and edited by Chris Sims. Note that I don’t say it’s by Chris Sims, because the material in this tome is taken from a whopping 18 other rulebooks. If you’re playing 3.5 D&D and you want a clear and concise quick rules reference without the accompanying flavor text from the original tomes, this is the book for you.