Dragon #367 (4e) – Sean’s Pick, 012715

In case you missed it, both Dungeon and Dragon – the venerable official support magazines for D&D – have begun appearing in droves on DriveThruRPG. Naturally, the most recent issues were all about 4th Edition, but Dragon in particular goes all the way back to very beginning of the hobby. Here’s hoping we ultimately see them all up online!

Dragon #367 includes –

Sideshow by Chris Youngs: Chris Youngs talks about humor in D&D.

Epic Faerun by Richard Baker: Heroes of the Realms find new options at epic levels with these new epic destinies.

Ecology of the Genasi by Rodney Thompson: Learn about the history, society, and culture of one of the new races from the Forgotten Realms Campaign.

Intelligent Items by Logan Bonner: Only in Dragon! New rules for intelligent magic items in your D&D game.

Children of Darkness by Robert J. Schwalb: Most drow worship the spider queen Lolth, chafing under her rule, but glorying in destruction in her name.

Bestiary: Mindless Monstrosities by Greg Bilsland: New dungeon guardians for your latest adventure.

Playing Gnolls by Keith Baker: If you’ve always wanted to play a gnoll PC, now’s your chance.

Class Acts: Swordmage – Primordial Paths by Greg Bilsland: New powers and options for your first swordmage character, created straight out of the Forgotten Realms.

….and more!

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