The Genius Guide: Domains of Light and Lore (PF) – Sean’s Pick, 012215

More Pathfinder love today. Today’s Pick features a very specific Genius Guide from Rogue Genius – The Genius Guide to Domain Channeling II: Domains of Light and Lore.

The original Genius Guide to Domain Channeling covered all of the domains in the core rules, however much of the feedback we received included requests for third-party domains, and many more requests for the subdomains introduced in the Advanced Player’s Guide. That’s a lot of feats, probably too many for a single PDF release, so drawing inspiration from previous Genius Guides the additional content was divided up. This volume focuses on the domains and subdomains most associated with deities concerned with knowledge, good, aid, and assisting groups.

More to the point, those wishing to really expand their Pathfinder games should seriously take a look at the entire line of Pathfinder support products. Third-party they may be, but the company belongs to Owen KC Stephens, one of the key designers and developers at Paizo! If you’re going to expand your mechanics options for characters for the core Pathfinder rules, might as well go with material from someone who’s way on the inside.

Be sure to check out all the options on this page!

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