Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 011415

Savage Worlds fans discovered a very complete cyberpunk experience with Interface Zero, and now they have the Empire of the Setting Sun to explore in this data-drive, chrome-filled world.

In the Empire of the Setting Sun, honor is everything…or you are nothing. Welcome to the Japan of 2090, nakama. You’re being given access to a secure data cache that reveals what the country and its people have truly evolved into. Here, “ronin” isn’t just a street nickname, but a dark legacy fraught with deadly peril and crushing burdens. From the highest Zen master to the lowliest yakuza thug, from bio-molded cities to ancestral cyberspace vistas, prepare to be plunged into an empire transformed by its unique cultural identity as much as the world’s rampaging technology.

· New Archetypes, Simulacra, & Occupations!
· New Armor, Weapons, Augments, Vehicles, & Golemmechs!
· New Special Gear for the True Cyber-Samurai & Cyber-Ninja!
· Deadly Bioforms Inspired by Japan’s Rich Mythology!
· Dozens of New Threats to Defeat!
· Rich Details of Life in 2090 Japan
· Whole New Cityscapes of Cyberpunk Adventure!
· 10 Premade Savage Tales to Launch You into Action!

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