Creative Mountain $1 Today Only Coupons

For today only, Creative Mountain Games is experimenting. Three products you can grab for a dollar each, but only today and only with the links below in their message –



I have noticed recently while crunching the numbers that even though sales are good, I have a huge number of folks who pick up the freebies but don’t purchase anything. My thinking on this is that while they might not be against using PDFs, they don’t value them (at least not as highly as others might). I’d like to see if I can change that.

To that end, I have discounted three products that are different enough from one another to give some idea of the range of CMG offerings available. I have set up a $1 coupon for each (not one dollar off, but one dollar for each product) but it is only good for a day, so they need to be used quickly. Hopefully, if you haven’t purchased a CMG product yet, you will take this time to give something a try.

Or, if you simply want to take advantage of the sale to pick up one of the three you do not have (or all of them), then by all means have at it.

I’d also appreciate it if folks spread the word to their gamer friends through messageboards and social media. The links will work for anyone who uses them in this short time frame.

30 Things Can Happen

LURCH! The Zombie Chess Game


Thank you for your patronage.

All the best,
Mark CMG

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