Assassins of Porphyra (PF) – Sean’s Pick, 010915

Assassin’s Creed made highly trained professional murderers both sexy and popular again, and Purple Duck has some new high-end killer goodness for Pathfinder fans.

Assassins of Porphyra further expands the world of Porphyra with:

  • Information on the main assassin orders on Porphyra
  • The new Porphyran Assassin class (from Carl Cramér, the mastermind behind the Prestige Archetype: The Assassin.
  • Over 10 different Assassin Secrets to customize your character from the Arcane Assassin to the Shadow Assassin.
  • Favored Class Bonuses for the Core Book races.
  • Five new uses for skills.
  • A sample 1st level professional assassin.

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