Designers & Dragons – Sean’s Pick, 010214

Ross Watson raves about this series constantly, sharing bits and pieces every few days, and I am genuinely looking forward to delving further into it.

The links further down are for the four-volume bundle. If you’re interested in grabbing them one at a time, they break down by decades:

Designers & Dragons: the 70s

Designers & Dragons: the 80s

Designers & Dragons: the 90s

Designers & Dragons: the 00s

If there’s one thing that the “old school” revolution has taught us, it’s that history is important to us as gamers. Our roots matter. But how much do we actually know — or remember — of the origins of this hobby of ours?

Enter Designers & Dragons. In this four-volume, decade-by-decade series from Evil Hat, author and game historian Shannon Appelcline will dig deep into the lore of our forty-year-old hobby, uncovering the forgotten facts and hidden stories behind the biggest and most influential names in roleplaying games.

Whether you’re new to RPGs and wonder where they came from, a “grognard” of the most ancient order looking to dust off some treasured nostalgia, or a tried-and-true gamer looking to explore the field of what is and what was, you’ll find something in Designers & Dragons for you!

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