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Virtually every game has at least one or two players who want to delve deeply into the crafting of potions. More than a few rogues (and other’s willing to play dirty) have a keen interest in poisons.

If you’re running D&D Next, this latest iteration of Gothnog’s will set you up nicely without having to do a lot of work.

This book contains 60 magical and non-magical potions and over 120 poisons to enhance your fantasy role playing game. Rather than simply providing mechanical stats, the book provides detailed and evocative descriptions of symptoms, alchemical processes, and component collection.

On top of there, there are related backgrounds, feats, a new wizard school, and even recipies in the appendix to brew your own potions at home… and please remember to drink responsibly.

Seriously, just read this…

In the skies over a fin de siècle Europe that never was, the aristocracy mingles in elegant comfort upon balloon-borne sky-salons and aerial lounges, dallying in an endless round of parties and excursions.

But the winds of war are rising, and ambitious nobles rub elbows with scheming spymasters to decide the succession of a key Central European province. Romance meets high-stakes political intrigue as the affections of a young countess sway the fate of nations, while down below earthbound commoners look to the skies and dream of flight. It’s Downton Abbey meets Last Exile, on a collision course with Dr. Zhivago.

Someone needs to run Romance in the Air for me!

Some people think a vacation in Shadowrun is to visit a different arcology.

Some people want to really get away…

There are waking dreams, there are active hallucinations, there are feverish visions that cannot be classified. And then there are the metaplanes, an adrenaline-fused combination of all of these, and more. Everything you dream of, everything you fear, everything beautiful and everything grotesque can be found out there. If you travel to the planes, you may lose your life, lose your mind, or if you’re lucky, just lose your way. But you may find hidden secrets of magic and perhaps make powerful allies. It’ll be a change from everyday life in the sprawls of the Sixth World, but may well be worth it. Are you ready for something entirely different?

Aetherology offers a grand tour of many metaplanes—the wild, the weird, the dangerous, and the everything in between. Prepare for mind-bending journeys to alternate realms of existence and the opportunity to encounter a new host of dangerous spirits and creatures. With rules on astral phemonena and new powers for the critters detailed in the book, Aetherology offers a whole new twist to your Shadowrun games.

As he’s done so brilliantly for NumeneraRyan Chaddock delves into the multiverse of The Strange and delivers extraordinary material to support both players and GMs. The Translation Codex brings you 100 Foci and 18 fleshed out Recursions to expand characters and provide countless hours of trippy and exciting exploration.

Here’s a sampling of the Foci provided:

HIGH FANTASY – Bears a Holy Symbol, Binds Spirits, Braves Dungeons, Carries the Weight of Destiny, Changes Shape, Channels the Elements, Charms the Unwary, Commands Armies, Communes with Nature, Consorts with Dragons, Follows the Old Ways, Inscribes Runes of Power, Practices Sorcery, Speaks of Forgotten Gods, Tends the Flock

MAD SCIENCE – Adopts Animal Qualities, Assists a Mad Genius, Brandishes a Death Ray, Builds Robots, Conducts Dangerous Experiments, Controls the Weather, Defies the Laws of Physics, Develops Sentience, Dons a Power Suit, Employs Fantastic Gadgets, Mixes Unstable Concoctions, Plays with Portals, Pursues Physical Perfection, Terrifies the Townspeople, Wields Cosmic Power

LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR – Delves Too Deep, Has More Money than Sense, Investigates Strange Events, Joined a Cult, Sees the End Coming

WILD WEST – Carries a Badge, Draws Faster, Fights Dirty, Knows These Parts, Rides into the Sunset

Then there’s the Recursions, which include:

Sengoku (feudal Japan), Sherwood Forest (Robin Hood legendry), Tortuga (island of piracy and voodoo), Nucleus City (superhero/villain), City Lights (psychic noir city), Tombstone Station (boomtown space station full of scifi-cowboys)…


It’s been a long time for FantasyCraft fans, but Crafty finally delivers with three new Call to Arms products, which you can pick up in this handy (and very inexpensive) bundle!

Call to Arms: Shinobi – Legends speak of assassins whose lethal skill and fierce dedication to their clans and causes are exceeded only by their mystical prowess…

Call to Arms: Skirmisher – The cagiest warriors — the ones who ambush columns of soldiers, harry and disrupt supply lines, and use terrain itself as a weapon — who win battles before the first arrow is loosed…

Call to Arms: Witch Hunter – Benefitting from extensive training, preternatural talent, or good old-fashioned willpower, Witch Hunters can both detect and defy magical power…

Already known for doing fantastic map sets for both at-the-table and virtual tabletop use (VTT), DramaScape‘s begun packaging their fantastic work into all-in-one products. You get all the iterations of the map (hex, square, no overlay; VTT version) along with a full adventure write-up including NPC stats and the works.

This is at least a night of gaming (probably more), plus a fully-reusable map great for any number of situations.

“Set me free and help me slay the man who took everything away from me!”

Medieval Merchant’s House is an interior map of a small mansion with a basement, ground floor, and second floor.

This product includes five 360-degree panoramic views of the kitchen/alchemy room, dining room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and wine cellar/storage room.

Medieval Merchant’s House is intended for use in fantasy games. It could be useful in historical games or as a restored museum house in a modern game. A Man of Money is an adventure for Savage Worlds continued from the adventure hook first presented in our free Vine Maze map. Even if not using the Savage Worlds setting, the map and panoramic views are system agnostic. You can also use the NPC descriptions and adventure herein in another fantasy game, just ignore or repurpose the Savage World statblocks.

A Man of Money Part Two: The group lost their burglar guide to the blood sucking vines of the Vine Maze but decided to press on towards the merchant’s mansion anyway. They approach the mansion and note that it has a backdoor and a stairway leading to a second backdoor in the back and a door to the ground floor and stairs leading to a cellar below in the front. Which path do they choose? Continued inside…

For many, D&D Next may be “all the rage” (I admit, I love it), but Pathfinder does nothing but continue to grow in breadth and depth. This latest offering from Fat Goblin Games will make players of the divine classes very happy. Especially since it’s only one dollar! While you’re there, look around and load up the cart for what a cheap meal at Taco Bell would cost.

The More Feats! PDFs introduce a single page of themed feats for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Every PDF contains a full page of high quality content (no fluff or filler)!

Feats of Faith includes ten new feats focused on the divine: Cleansing Flame, Dead Rest, Fortunate Faith, Holy Slayer, Ley Longevity, Reliquary Antiquarian, Spell Channel, and Zealot’s Conviction!

There are times where you just really want to play a dragon.

The interesting thing about the recent availability of this product is the number of folks who’ve noticed (a) the compatibility between 2e and 5e and (b) how relatively easy it is to convert 2e material to D&D Next.

Just sayin’…

Council of Wyrms provides everything you need to create a campaign for dragon player characters. In addition, there are rules for creating elf, dwarf, and gnome “kindred” for your dragon, and details on two new character types: half-dragons and dragon slayers.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A 64-page Rules book packed full of rules for creating and playing dragon, kindred, and half-dragon player characters
  • A 64-page Campaign book detailing a dragons’ campaign and the legendary Council of Wyrms, revealing the secrets of dragonkind and outlining new player-character kits
  • A 64-page Adventures book to challenge the strongest dragon characters
  • 12 full-color reference cards
  • 3 full-color posters, including a dragons’ size-comparison chart, a map of the dragons’ island homes, and a guide to the dragon clans.

Caveat – Yes, Tom Tullis is my friend. You see him on here a lot in some part due to that truth.

My friend, Tom Tullis, does amazing things with art and maps and stuff that goes directly onto your tabletop to make it beautiful, exciting, and dimensional.

Fat Dragon Games has a sale going on for another few hours of this writing, whereby everything Tom’s done is 25-50% off.

Every. Thing.