World of Greyhawk (1e) – Sean’s Pick, 122914

Arguably, Blackmoor and Tekumel came first. For most folks (myself included), however, The World of Greyhawk is the grandfather of all RPG settings. The maps alone inspired countless hours of creative pencil-and-graph paper sessions as so many of us attempted to recreate that magic with our own ideas. The attendant information about cities, civilizations, people and places – it all lead to worldwide storms of imagination, both in and out of Gary Gygax‘s personal D&D campaign world.

…A world where bandit kings raid from their remote stronghold;
…A world where noble elves fight savage invaders and where bold knights wage war on the terror of Iuz;
…A world scarred by a vast Sea of Dust, across which drift lost memories from the awful forgotten past.
Enter a World of Wonder & Intrigue…
Fantasy Game Setting for a panoramic view of this fantastic place.

More than a collection of maps and names, it is an active world filled with decaying empires and dark forests. Game elements include the gods of Greyhawk, the clash of political factions, and encounters in this wild land.

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