Dungeon Monthly 2014 Compendium – Sean’s GM Pick, 122314

Kristian Richards is pretty awesome and drawing up dungeon floorplans, making them look wonderful, and putting out a level a month. I’ll let him explain –

Over the past couple of years I have been drawing a new geomorph-style dungeon map each and every month, and made them available on the CSP Blog). However, as well as being random geomorphs, each year’s worth of maps can also be pieced together in a specific way to create a huge level of an ever-expanding mega-dungeon …and, as you’ve probably guessed, this product is the result of all the maps that I created during 2014 (and thus, level 2 of the ‘Dungeon Monthly Mega-dungeon’).”

This is the 2014 version; there’s also one for 2013.

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