WatchGuard #0 – Sean’s Pick, 121714

When comics and RPGs collide, it can be a very awesome thing. This is especially true when the whole things is highly integrated from the start, as Xion Studios has done with their new WatchGuard property. You’ve got the WatchGuard Sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, and here’s the jump-on point for the comic book series – WatchGuard #0!

Riding off of the highly successful, award-winning RPG supplement The WatchGuard Sourcebook is this first comic book adventure introducing you to the team members and their first, collective mission together! Witness the gathering of this team of metahuman heroes as they seek to stop the theft of an unknown object from Catalyst Laboratories! Watch as they seek to ensure the safety of civilians while attempting to stop a group of metahuman villains!

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