Nobilis (2002 Edition) – Sean’s Pick, 121214

There are those who will say this was one of the most important games of its time, and one of the strongest entries in the diceless genre ever. Find out why.

In 2002, James Wallis and Hogshead Publishing Ltd. brought Nobilis: the Game of Sovereign Powers into the world—a diceless RPG that gave each character control over an elemental aspect of reality. Designed as a boutique-quality coffee table book, it sold through its first printing in a flash and received a suite of positive reviews. The second printing fell into the hands of a malfeasant distributor and vanished. The third printi…

There was no third printing.

Thanks to the generous assistance of Kari Tuurihalme, Rand Brittain, James Wallis, and Daniel Solis, it’s now possible for you to obtain a PDF version of the classic RPG, Nobilis: the Game of Sovereign Powers.

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