Gothnog’s Notorious Potions & Poisons (5e) – Sean’s GM Pick, 121014

Virtually every game has at least one or two players who want to delve deeply into the crafting of potions. More than a few rogues (and other’s willing to play dirty) have a keen interest in poisons.

If you’re running D&D Next, this latest iteration of Gothnog’s will set you up nicely without having to do a lot of work.

This book contains 60 magical and non-magical potions and over 120 poisons to enhance your fantasy role playing game. Rather than simply providing mechanical stats, the book provides detailed and evocative descriptions of symptoms, alchemical processes, and component collection.

On top of there, there are related backgrounds, feats, a new wizard school, and even recipies in the appendix to brew your own potions at home… and please remember to drink responsibly.

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