Translation Codex (Cypher) – Sean’s Pick, 120914

As he’s done so brilliantly for NumeneraRyan Chaddock delves into the multiverse of The Strange and delivers extraordinary material to support both players and GMs. The Translation Codex brings you 100 Foci and 18 fleshed out Recursions to expand characters and provide countless hours of trippy and exciting exploration.

Here’s a sampling of the Foci provided:

HIGH FANTASY – Bears a Holy Symbol, Binds Spirits, Braves Dungeons, Carries the Weight of Destiny, Changes Shape, Channels the Elements, Charms the Unwary, Commands Armies, Communes with Nature, Consorts with Dragons, Follows the Old Ways, Inscribes Runes of Power, Practices Sorcery, Speaks of Forgotten Gods, Tends the Flock

MAD SCIENCE – Adopts Animal Qualities, Assists a Mad Genius, Brandishes a Death Ray, Builds Robots, Conducts Dangerous Experiments, Controls the Weather, Defies the Laws of Physics, Develops Sentience, Dons a Power Suit, Employs Fantastic Gadgets, Mixes Unstable Concoctions, Plays with Portals, Pursues Physical Perfection, Terrifies the Townspeople, Wields Cosmic Power

LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR – Delves Too Deep, Has More Money than Sense, Investigates Strange Events, Joined a Cult, Sees the End Coming

WILD WEST – Carries a Badge, Draws Faster, Fights Dirty, Knows These Parts, Rides into the Sunset

Then there’s the Recursions, which include:

Sengoku (feudal Japan), Sherwood Forest (Robin Hood legendry), Tortuga (island of piracy and voodoo), Nucleus City (superhero/villain), City Lights (psychic noir city), Tombstone Station (boomtown space station full of scifi-cowboys)…


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