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It would appear that sci-fi is really hot again for RPG fans, and this complete RPG from D101 Games is a surprise hit bubbling to the top of the charts right here at the end of 2014. The “Babylon 5”-esque opening text doesn’t hurt, at least for a fan like me.

“It is the dawn of the 28th Century.

The Third Renaissance, or Bright Age as future historians will call it, is at its zenith.

After the catastrophic first contact with extra-terrestrial life that led to the horrific Solar System war, humanity clawed its way back from the brink and finally reached the stars. For millions of people, Earth’s sun is no more than another star in the night sky, a mote of light, a spiritual birthplace that they will never visit in their lifetimes.

It has been over a century since the Machine Civilisation gifted humanity technological marvels such as the Visser Cube, allowing wormhole travel across the vast chasms of interstellar space. Now interstellar distances grow ever shorter. How the myriad of splintered cultures view this gift varies. Some see it as a blessing, a way to draw humanity into a united whole. Others see it as a curse, robbing them of their individuality. And then there are those who would use it as a means to subjugate humanity and impose their own will upon all…

Across the river of heaven, humanity clings to a scattering of islands in a sea of stars. Players can take on a multitude of roles in this future: a crew member on an interstellar trader, a member of the mysterious Engineers’ Guild, a body-hopping Intercessionist agent – out to manipulate human cultures to its own secret ends, a Renouncer Zealot – intent on destroying Artificial Intelligence in all its forms, or perhaps one of the Reclaimers – planetary engineers dedicated to terraforming any viable planet they happen upon…”

River of Heaven uses D101 games’ OpenQuest rules engine; a sleek and streamlined D100 rule set that enables you to maintain the tempo of your stories whilst keeping the rules simple and in the background.

Arguably, Blackmoor and Tekumel came first. For most folks (myself included), however, The World of Greyhawk is the grandfather of all RPG settings. The maps alone inspired countless hours of creative pencil-and-graph paper sessions as so many of us attempted to recreate that magic with our own ideas. The attendant information about cities, civilizations, people and places – it all lead to worldwide storms of imagination, both in and out of Gary Gygax‘s personal D&D campaign world.

…A world where bandit kings raid from their remote stronghold;
…A world where noble elves fight savage invaders and where bold knights wage war on the terror of Iuz;
…A world scarred by a vast Sea of Dust, across which drift lost memories from the awful forgotten past.
Enter a World of Wonder & Intrigue…
Fantasy Game Setting for a panoramic view of this fantastic place.

More than a collection of maps and names, it is an active world filled with decaying empires and dark forests. Game elements include the gods of Greyhawk, the clash of political factions, and encounters in this wild land.

Kristian Richards is pretty awesome and drawing up dungeon floorplans, making them look wonderful, and putting out a level a month. I’ll let him explain –

Over the past couple of years I have been drawing a new geomorph-style dungeon map each and every month, and made them available on the CSP Blog). However, as well as being random geomorphs, each year’s worth of maps can also be pieced together in a specific way to create a huge level of an ever-expanding mega-dungeon …and, as you’ve probably guessed, this product is the result of all the maps that I created during 2014 (and thus, level 2 of the ‘Dungeon Monthly Mega-dungeon’).”

This is the 2014 version; there’s also one for 2013.

Another for the “In Case You Missed It” File – those players who really love having lots more options will consider this a must-have. You might want to get one for your GM, as well; makes a nice Christmas present, and that way they cannot balk with the “If I don’t have a copy…” argument. 😉

Every step, every advantage, every millisecond counts. The streets of the Sixth World are mean, and if they want to stay alive, shadowrunners need every advantage they can get to gain a step on the opposition. Fortunately, Run Faster is full of them. With it, you can learn about more metatypes for characters, including hobgoblins, giants, centaurs, and sasquatch; acquire new qualities, such as Disgraced, Hawk Eye, and Lightning Reflexes; and, if you dare, dabble with the dangerous and deadly Infected.

Run Faster also has advice on fleshing out characters of different metatypes, expanded contact and lifestyle rules, and alternate character creation methods to help ensure that players can build exactly the character they want.

Those who’ve jumped into the Second Edition of Dark Heresy will be glad for this new full-length adventure, which pits the acolytes against very ancient powers.

Mankind was not always as powerful in the galaxy as he is now. Long before the first humans achieved consciousness, ancient gods ruled the stars and spaces between them. In Forgotten Gods, your fears are about to be realised. A cult has hired the smugglers of the Faceless Trade to bring them forbidden artefacts, and they plot to use the power of these artefacts to reawaken a god from the time before Man. As a devoted servant of the Emperor, you cannot allow this heresy to occur.

In Forgotten Gods, the first book-length adventure for Dark Heresy Second Edition, your investigations take you into the wastelands of Hive Desoleum, aboard the Rogue Trader vessel Oath Unspoken, and finally, to the cemetery world of Thaur. In addition to a thrilling adventure that pits you and your fellow Acolytes against an ancient evil, you can use each of these locations as a new homeworld for your Acolytes, giving you even more options for character creation. Begin your adventure, and take your stand against Forgotten Gods!

Green Ronin‘s Freeport setting is one of the more famous “recurring characters” in gaming. They’ve lovingly developed it for various game systems over the years, and set it up wonderfully to be dropped into any campaign ongoing. It also makes a fantastic place to start a new campaign.

This latest presentation – designed specifically for Pathfinder – is massive and thoroughly updated –

Clocking in at a massive 544 pages, Freeport: The City of Adventure lovingly details a metropolis that mixes fantasy tropes, piracy, and Lovecraftian horror into an action packed setting for your RPG campaign. The city is now more detailed than ever, with added locations, characters, hooks, and a brand new, full-length adventure. The book, featuring a cover by fan favorite artist Wayne Reynolds and a fold-out map of the city, also includes full rules support for the Pathfinder RPG: new classes, archetypes, feats, and magic items. As always you can use Freeport on its own or drop it into your campaign setting of choice. So set sail for Freeport, mateys! Come for the pirates, stay for the cosmic horror!

Another one of those fabulous system-agnostic tools for GMs who have too much to do and no time, yet still keep trying to run games. This one helps you create locations – anything from a single room to a universe – either as rapid scenario preparation or on-the-fly at the table.

The Location Crafter is an RPG supplement designed to help Game Masters create exciting locations for characters to explore, complete with encounters, fast and easy. Create locations before you play or as you adventure, off the cuff.

The Location Crafter uses a simple system of expected elements and randomness, with mechanics to throw in twists to make your locations exciting and new each time!

A setting book for Pinnacle‘s expansive Last Parsec science-fiction property, full of danger and opportunity.

The jungle planet Leviathan teems with mammoth lacerauns, savage beasts of enormous size and cunning, potential trophies unmatched in any other star system. Intentionally undeveloped beyond a few tourist-oriented settlements, Leviathan nonetheless draws more than just adventure-seeking hunters, including researchers and those who would see the world left completely untouched. Both are more than willing to turn the tables on any would-be hunters.

Leviathan is a setting book for The Last Parsec. It contains new locations and characters for the planetary system, new Setting Rules for Leviathan’s natural dangers, a Plot Point Campaign, Savage Tales, and a host of new creatures–especially the lacerauns.