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Another trip in the D&D Wayback Machine takes us to the First Edition iteration of the World of Dragonlance. It’s the windup to the DL series, intended to take players and DMs into the world of the Weis & Hickman novels, and it’s notable for being a particularly well-done release for the setting. As per Shannon Appelcline, who comments on all of the DriveThru D&D official releases –

DL16: “World of Krynn” (1988), by Michael Gray, Harold Johnson, and Douglas Niles, is the sixteenth in the Dragonlance “DL” series of adventures. It was published in December 1988.

Concluding the “DL” Series. Like its immediate predecessor, DL15: “Mists of Krynn” (1988), “World of Krynn” is an anthology of Dragonlance adventures. However, unlike its predecessor, it’s much more coherent: there are just four adventures and they’re all set in the same time period, after the War of the Lance.

Also unlike its predecessor, “World of Krynn” was largely produced by members of the “Dragonlance series design team”. Editor Mike Breault and authors Harold Johnson and Douglas Niles were all important members of this team, which produced Dragonlance supplements from 1984-1987. As a result, “World of Krynn” had the potential to be more canonical than the previous “Mists of Krynn” … but it didn’t turn out that way.

“World of Krynn” was also the last book in the “DL” series — marking the end of TSR’s longest running adventure series ever. This was a result of AD&D 2e (1989) being just around the corner, and most of TSR’s lines being revamped as a result.

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