Savage Characters, Vol I (SW) – Sean’s Pick of the Day, 111114

Whether you’re a (likely new) player, looking for great examples of good builds for your PC, or a GM looking for interesting and fully-fleshed characters for your players to interact and struggle with, this is a solidly put-together and nicely presented product that you will want to explore. The part that impresses me most is how Jim Davenport (with the expert help of Norm “No Relation” Hensley) goes through each step of the build for each character, which I think will be particularly helpful for those learning the system or looking for ways to improve their approaches to running the game. The settings suggested are also intriguing.

Oh, these can also serve as excellent grab-and-go pre-gens!

The Savage Characters series utilizes the Savage Worlds Deluxe game engine to present TWENTY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. Each character is defined with a rich background, full body portrait, full stats as a Legendary figure, the complete build path to play them at whatever experience level you choose, and five adventure ideas (one for each rank). Used together, these friends and foes, PCs and NPCs present entwined histories and related adventures.

The characters are grouped into four Dragonlaird Gaming settings with five characters in each setting. The settings are original but the characters could be easily used in other games of the haunted west, fantasy, modern horror, or space opera genres.

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