Tribebook: /White Howlers (Storyteller) – Sean’s Pick, 111014

Onyx Path is truly living up to the promise of continuing to bring Storyteller fans of all the concepts more and more content. This one is for their 20th Anniversary Edition of Werewolf the Apocalypse.

Everyone knows the story of the White Howlers. Garou so prideful they threw themselves into the maw of the Wyrm, hoping to kill it from within. They didn’t kill it, and it didn’t kill them. However, the White Howlers should be remembered for their past as well as what they became.

But that isn’t their story.

The White Howlers suffered through the Great Winter, through rebuilding and invasion, through an uneasy peace and a horrific war. They fought for their Kin and their lands. They were proud, but all Garou are proud. Theirs is a story too many Garou do not know. Come closer, and let me tell it.

White Howlers Tribebook includes:

  • The story of the White Howlers from the ancient times to their great sacrifice.
  • Details on the tribe’s culture and history, with enough information to run an entire chronicle in the time before their fall.
  • Ideas for using the White Howlers in a story set in the modern nights.

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