Eternal Warrior, Days of Steel #1 (Comics) – Sean’s Pick, 110514

You know I like to point you at the digital comics once in a while, and today’s one of those days. Valiant puts out some of the most gamer-ific stuff (hell, they put out a game, actually!), and today’s an invitation to get in on the first issue of a very gamer-y series – Eternal Warrior, Days of Steel!

The Eternal Warrior…Gilad Anni-Padda, the Earth’s Fist and Steel…is forever charged with guarding the Geomancer and securing the Earth’s safety. After completing another brutal mission, the Earth’s undying guardian is approached with a cryptic task: find and save a baby — in whose hands might rest the fate of an entire people. But the Eternal Warrior is no nursemaid…and, to complicate matters, a thousand Magyar invaders want the baby dead. At the edge of civilization, can history’s most expert killer keep one precious life alive?

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