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RinCon had me a way for a bit, especially with the incredibly long drive through gorgeous desert country between Denver and Tucson.

Naturally, I celebrate by Picking a product all about the sea! Blood Tide: Black Sails & Dark Rituals gives you pretty much everything you could want for playing seagoing adventurers and pirates in the Golden Age of Sail, both from a historical and fantastical perspective.

Blood Tide contains these chapters: A Brief History of the Golden Age of Piracy • Scallywags, Scurvy Dogs and Old Salts: Pirate Characters • Stunts • Voudou • All For Me Grog: Equipment for Pirates, Buccaneers, and other Sea Robbers • Run Out the Guns: Rules for Combat at Sea • Ships • Ard to Port: Spot Rules for Pirating • The World of Blood Tide • Friends and Foes: Infamous Pirates, Brutal Buccaneers and Sea Monsters • Going on the Account: Campaigns in the Golden Age of Piracy • Important Locations • The Governor’s Commission (ready-to-play adventure) • Logbooks and Sea Shanties: Piratey Media • … and Pirate Maps (of course)!

Many of you know (and I am making sure the rest of you learn) that I have a personal relationship with the Gamer’s Tavern podcast. Darryl Mott, Jr. is a friend and supporter of Shaintar and Evil Beagle (and my online GM for my first D&D Next campaign). Ross Watson is Evil Beagle’s Managing Director, my roommate, and one of my best friends. Regular listeners know I am a frequent guest on the show.

So, there. Disclosure done.

They have just launched a Kickstarter – one with a very low, very reasonable base funding goal of $500 – to upgrade the show and make it even more wonderful. Ross and Darryl know a lot of amazing, interesting, talented, and opinionated folks from the greater population of gaming pros, thinkers, designers, educators, and fans. I highly recommend you watch the video (below and at their KS), and make sure you go all the way to the show clips they include to get a taste of it all.

As always, thanks for supporting great folks, and especially my friends!


There’s just something about building your own customized ship or vehicle that appeals to a great many modern and sci-fi gamers. This book from Sine Nomine grants this capacity in spades, along with a lot of other wonderful additions for your Stars Without Number game.

Engines of Babylon gives you all the tools you need to add custom vehicles and low-tech system ships to the free Stars Without Number game system. Whether as trophies of fabulous adventuring wealth or as savage harbingers of a hostile power, you’ll find everything from gravitic yard skiffs to main battle tanks inside these pages and the guidelines you need for building system ships for those campaigns set in a nearer future.

Not only that, but inside you’ll find a mighty trove of priceless treasures to reward the curiosity of reckless freebooters, and a selection of maltech horrors to whet the remorseless appetites of any villain worthy of the name!

Game Masters of MWP’s Firefly RPG will find a lot to love in this latest release featuring one of my favorite Mal quotes.

THINGS DON’T GO SMOOTH presents a baker’s dozen of shady crews, crime bosses, megalomaniacs, and unexplainable phenomena designed to get in the way of your Crew. Each includes a wealth of story hooks, supporting characters, locations, ships, and background material to help you bring the ‘Verse to your table.

Ryan Chaddock is constantly provoking new ideas, and this time for FATE GMs and players with his Magarchy setting –

Magarchy is an alternate history fantasy setting in which magic has existed since the dawn of time. Having somewhat altered the faces and events of the past, magic takes center stage in the Italian Renaissance, when it allows for an early information and industrial age like no other. Players are Magarchs, those with the magical abilities and will to take part in the major events of the world, whose drama is set in the 16th century England of Henry VIII.

Magarchy takes its inspiration from both history and modern cyberpunk genre stories, posing a thought provoking juxtaposition of places and themes. Hacking cybertechnologies and slinging powerful spells to fight or aid trans-kingdom companies bent on exploiting the peasant masses, Magarchs find themselves at the center of a timeless conflict between tradition and innovation, church and state, power and principle.

This is a big announcement from me tonight, friends.

Too Long, Didn’t Watch Version

I’ve finally finished Shaintar Magic and Cosmology, Volume I: Light and Life, which is clocking in at nearly 20,000 words.

The project that crippled me for over a year is crippling me no more.

Sean Patrick Fannon, creator of Shaintar, RPG industry veteran, and Chief Everything of Evil Beagle Games, expounds regularly about stuff he is into and stuff he feels like sharing… which could be pretty much anything.

It’s always a good idea to click on the Sales button whenever you go to DriveThruRPG, and today you’ll find some doozies. Hit the page link and scroll down to find what I am particularly stunned by – major OGL books by Mongoose marked down to $2.00 each! This is a no-brainer, even if you’re not an OGL fan. That kind of source material is hugely useful, and a steal at the price.

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 10/05/14

* Shaintar Books/KS Updates
– I got sick; you can probably hear a bit of it in my voice still. That kicked my butt in terms of productivity with Magic and Cosmology, Volume I (AKA Sean’s Personal Stone of Sisyphus). Targeting to have it done by tomorrow night.
– Guidebook: Goblinesh art – been something of a delay, but I am hopeful about seeing more final stuff this week.
– Cover for Edge of Honor novella needed some major work; more when I know.
– Work on books by people continues.
– There’s been a number of pieces turned in for Raven’s Feathers.

* RinCon this weekend (October 10-12, Tucson, AZ)
– Ross and I are both guests, both running games. We’re planning some special (and exclusive) Shaintar/Accursed crossover stuff that seeds some major events for the weeks to come in the Justice and Life campaign.

* Tips from the Table
– GMs, try not to be Bad Players…