Blood Tide (BRP/RQ) – Sean’s Pick, 101514

RinCon had me a way for a bit, especially with the incredibly long drive through gorgeous desert country between Denver and Tucson.

Naturally, I celebrate by Picking a product all about the sea! Blood Tide: Black Sails & Dark Rituals gives you pretty much everything you could want for playing seagoing adventurers and pirates in the Golden Age of Sail, both from a historical and fantastical perspective.

Blood Tide contains these chapters: A Brief History of the Golden Age of Piracy • Scallywags, Scurvy Dogs and Old Salts: Pirate Characters • Stunts • Voudou • All For Me Grog: Equipment for Pirates, Buccaneers, and other Sea Robbers • Run Out the Guns: Rules for Combat at Sea • Ships • Ard to Port: Spot Rules for Pirating • The World of Blood Tide • Friends and Foes: Infamous Pirates, Brutal Buccaneers and Sea Monsters • Going on the Account: Campaigns in the Golden Age of Piracy • Important Locations • The Governor’s Commission (ready-to-play adventure) • Logbooks and Sea Shanties: Piratey Media • … and Pirate Maps (of course)!

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