Engines of Babylon (Stars Without Number) – Sean’s Pick, 100814

There’s just something about building your own customized ship or vehicle that appeals to a great many modern and sci-fi gamers. This book from Sine Nomine grants this capacity in spades, along with a lot of other wonderful additions for your Stars Without Number game.

Engines of Babylon gives you all the tools you need to add custom vehicles and low-tech system ships to the free Stars Without Number game system. Whether as trophies of fabulous adventuring wealth or as savage harbingers of a hostile power, you’ll find everything from gravitic yard skiffs to main battle tanks inside these pages and the guidelines you need for building system ships for those campaigns set in a nearer future.

Not only that, but inside you’ll find a mighty trove of priceless treasures to reward the curiosity of reckless freebooters, and a selection of maltech horrors to whet the remorseless appetites of any villain worthy of the name!

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