The Big Irish Vlog – “Steady as She Goes, RinCon, and GMs as Bad Players”

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 10/05/14

* Shaintar Books/KS Updates
– I got sick; you can probably hear a bit of it in my voice still. That kicked my butt in terms of productivity with Magic and Cosmology, Volume I (AKA Sean’s Personal Stone of Sisyphus). Targeting to have it done by tomorrow night.
– Guidebook: Goblinesh art – been something of a delay, but I am hopeful about seeing more final stuff this week.
– Cover for Edge of Honor novella needed some major work; more when I know.
– Work on books by people continues.
– There’s been a number of pieces turned in for Raven’s Feathers.

* RinCon this weekend (October 10-12, Tucson, AZ)
– Ross and I are both guests, both running games. We’re planning some special (and exclusive) Shaintar/Accursed crossover stuff that seeds some major events for the weeks to come in the Justice and Life campaign.

* Tips from the Table
– GMs, try not to be Bad Players…

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