Crusaders of Sarillon (CAH) – Sean’s Pick, 100114

The term “playset” is fairly popular when talking about products that enhance a set of rules or setting these days. It’s exceedingly appropriate to look at things like Steve Long‘s latest addition to the Cartoon Action Hour line – Crusaders of Sarillon – as one more of a line of fun, exciting, get-out-your-bowl-of-Frosted-Sugarbombs playsets. Inspired by Blackstar and Thundarr the Barbarian

In this series, there exists a wondrous land of both sorcery and science! For years, its people have been crushed under the brutal rule of the Council of Shadows – seven evil men and women who use their power to take what they please and destroy any who dare to stand against them. But now, the eerie Eternity Portal has brought several heroes from the mysterious realm called “Earth” to fight for the people of Sarillon and free them from oppression!

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