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Though there’s no official policy in place, we are already seeing some 5th Edition compatible 3rd party stuff come out, including this first-of-two module from Sacrosanct Games. Hearkening back to the old Tunnels and Trolls trope, you play a starting-level part of monstrous humanoids. Wrath of the Goblinoids is the first part; X2 – Payback finishes it up.

Another I Worked On This, Personal Bias Involved Disclaimer – Mike McConnell knows more about transhumanist and posthumanist sci-fi than anyone I’ve ever personally met. The FATE version of this product is still in the Top 100 Small Press list on DriveThruRPG.

There’s a reason for that. It’s amazing.

I am proud of the small role I played in bringing the Savage Worlds version together of Nova Praxis, and I hope you enjoy it!

You’ve been here as a player.

“OK, so let’s go around the table and describe our characters. What do they look like? What are they wearing? Hank, let’s start with you.”

“Uhhh, I’m wearing a… brown-ish tunic? Some… pants?”

You’ve been here as a GM.

“So the merchant strides up boldly, dressed gloriously as someone with class, taste, and style. He says-“

“Wait, Mandy! What’s he wearing?”

Once again, it’s Ennead Games to the rescue with cool lists of stuff to help – the Armor & Clothing Quick Generator.

Some more products for your consideration during the Savage September Celebration going on at DriveThruRPG.

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

One of the latest batch of “core rules” products released, this is pretty much a must-have for any serious Savage Worlds fan. Among all the amazing stuff included, it has the most up-to-date iteration of the Build-Your-Own-Race rules. It’s writing and design was also completely integrated with the latest Super Powers Companion, as well.


Skull Cove

DramaScape specializes in maps and visual aids, but they’re also major Savage Worlds fans. As such, they’ve a few supplements out that include their incredible graphics, art, and minis-scale maps, as well as SW stats for full on game play. This one is for the piratey goodness you want to put into every game you can.


High Space Core Rules

Patrick Taylor brings far-future sci-fi to Savage Worlds in a huge, epic way with this one.

Occasionally, I like to make sure folks are aware of all the other amazing stuff you can find on DriveThru sites, like DriveThruComics, DriveThruCards, and DriveThruFiction.

Today is one of those days – you’ve got a pretty exceptional comic book company right at your digital fingertips with the addition of Valiant to the DriveThruComics site. A tight, internally consistent superhero universe – just the kind of thing supers gamers go for.

Oh, and it even has its own supers gaming system!

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 9/10/14

The OMG It’s Wednesday Edition

* Shaintar Kickstarter Update
– Malakar Dominion is done and out. Backers who were supposed to get it should have it; if not, drop me that email and we’ll straighten you out.
– The original order is out the window; we’re doing them in the order that lets us get them out the fastest, now. Numbering is gone.
– Magic & Cosmology continues to evolve – there’s a HUGE amount of material, way more than I ever anticipated, and more than a single Guidebook can possibly contain. We are still working out how best to handle this, but there’s some cool ideas on the table.
– Guidebook: Goblinesh is in full art development and layout. The novella, Edge of Honor (Steve Long) is almost ready for release.
– Both the Writer’s Guide and the Style Guide have been completed and assignments to other authors and creators are going out. The former is actually available for fans to read through if they wish; contact me if you’ve not seen it yet and want to.

* Tacticon 2014
– Fantastic event, tons of games. Shaintar was exceedingly popular at this convention.
– <Insert verbal summary of things here>

* Birthright: Phoenix Rising (D&D 5th)
– First chance to play face-to-face under the fantastic Ross Watson
– All-Star cast of players: Carinn, Bill and Tammy Keyes, Bryant Smith, Jake Burgess.
– Looked like a TPK near the end. Exciting and thrilling, with some decidedly Savage-y tones to it.
– Rulings over rules makes it easy for “Rule of Cool” to apply.

* Savage September
– Just a note to let you know about the 15% (or better) off of tons of Savage Worlds products on DriveThruRPG.
– Find out more here:

* Black and Read
– Most awesomest used books/games/media store I’ve ever seen. `Nuff said.
Sean Patrick Fannon, creator of Shaintar, RPG industry veteran, and Chief Everything of Evil Beagle Games, expounds regularly about stuff he is into and stuff he feels like sharing… which could be pretty much anything.

For this whole month, DriveThruRPG is celebrating Savage September, with tons of Savage Worlds products on sale for at least 15% off. Today I am pointing out some of the key deals you should definitely consider.

Savage Worlds Deluxe

This is the most important purchase you can make today if you want to get into SW. The entire foundation of the game, normally only $10, and now you can get it for $8.50! If you’ve been wondering, grab it and find out why it’s arguably the most important game of the last decade.



Fantastic designers, gorgeous art, and a powerful concept make this one of the biggest Savage successes of the last few years. To quote a certain someone we all know around here –

“We’re talking Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters meets Van Helsing by way of Rippers and Castlevania, and I am stoked as hell about that.”

—Sean Patrick Fannon, Creator of Shaintar

Agents of Oblivion

It’s Top Secret meets James Bond, 007 for the Savage set, and one of Reality Blurs‘ best SW offerings.

Steve Kenson is one of the more prolific and talented writers and designers of the current RPG era. I can imagine how giddy the folks at Gun Metal Games were to get him to write Seeds of Discontent for their Interface Zero product line.

The family farms of the King County Cooperative in late 21st Century Seattle are just trying to operate on their own to make ends meet. They’re not prepared to deal with big agricorps or with marauding biker gangs raiding their property. That’s where you come in. What starts off as a simple job protecting the little guy from trouble and finding out who is behind it gets complicated real fast, however. Someone has been preparing a bitter harvest indeed for the Cooperative and anyone working with them, sowing… Seeds of Discontent.

Pantheon play. D10 dice pools. Pre-medieval mythological fantasy. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff going on with this new game from Bedrock – Sertorius.

“You are a Sertori: a powerful sorcerer and demigod who can bind men’s minds with a word or bring down storms of fire on your foes. You live in an ancient world, ruled by monarchs and oligarchies, in search of your destiny, attracting throngs of followers and circles of believers. As your following grows, so does your power. In time, you may rival the gods, or be worshipped as one.

But the power you wield is dangerous and the world you inhabit treacherous. Even as your magic destroys your enemies, it can also warp your own body and mind. Misuse of this power transforms you into an abomination or a haunting presence. The faith of your followers can grow dark as well, and even your most trusted disciples may betray you. Beyond these threats you face greater dangers from unearthly creatures and cults who despise the Sertori, hunting them down to absorb their divine powers. The gods themselves may be your enemies.”

Game Masters for the award-winning Iron Kingdoms RPG will be glad to know the Iron Kingdoms Adventures Series has launched with this first release, Bitter Medicine.

These adventures take place across the Iron Kingdoms, from the depths of the savage wilderness to the soot-covered streets of western Immoren’s major cities. Iron Kingdoms Adventures are self-contained scenarios, but each provides a number of hooks for getting characters involved in the adventure and suggestions for keeping the adventure going after the final scene.”