Savage September Spotlight V – Sean’s Pick, 092314

Savage September continues, and so does my ongoing spotlighting of products on sale.

Cast of Cards: Dread Pirates (Fantasy)

The entire series of Warning Label‘s Cast of Cards series represents a handy resource for Savage Worlds GMs, especially those who “grab-and-go” types who are pulling games together at the last minute on a frequent basis.

50 Fathoms Explorer’s Edition

If you are a SW fan, it’s virtually impossible for you to have not heard of one of the most famous settings/plot point campaigns of the system. It’s a steal during this sale, and well worth a look at how a Savage Setting works, especially if you want that perfect mix of pulp action, swashbuckling piracy, and horror.

Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk

Guns and chrome and a dark, dystopian future where you live fast, fight hard, and go out with a custom corpse. Cyberpunk, Savage style.


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