Big Irish Vlog – “Shaintar Updates, Table Tips, Happy Birthday Shane!”

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 09/23/14

I completely screwed up this morning, as the notes in the thing will tell you. I recorded one version, but something happened off camera that totally threw me. I started over, but completely forgot to reset the recording when doing so. As such, the re-do ended up tacked onto the original. The embedded version here starts around where the re-start happens.

* Shaintar Books/KS Updates
– Final art and layout for Guidebook: Goblinesh is coming along.
– Cover for Edge of Honor novella should be finalized today or tomorrow.
– We’ve got Dave Newton, Shawn Gore, Betty Law Morgan, and Ray Greer working on books now.
– I’ve just about finished Volume I of Magic and Cosmology.
– The contracts are all out and done for Raven’s Feathers, the user-generated content product we’re working on. Headed up by Howard Brandon. If this works, it will become a periodical.

* Other Shaintar News
– Thanks to Brett Smith for running Shaintar at GrandCon this weekend. I love that more and more of you are doing this.
– Here’s our Con Prize Support approach; get me names and email addresses for your MVP of each table, and I will hook them up with a free PDF of something. It’s that simple.
– Gen Con 2015: Consider this an early call for everyone who can make it and is willing to run a Shaintar session (or more). We are examining our program, but you can believe it’s going to be huge, and we want to make sure all the games are integrated into a large story arc that will be one of the biggest and most interesting events of its kind.

* Happy Birthday, Shane Hensley!

* Table Tips
– Reasons to Say Yes
– Round the Table (even out of combat)

* Other Geeky Revelations
– Black and Read
– The New Firefly board game
– Latest Ascension product
– Lords of Waterdeep
– Citadels
– Upcoming Champions 4th Game with Lee Langston
– Carinn is talking about running an all-ladies campaign, which they are planning to vidcast.
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