RPG Creators Relief Fund – Sean’s Pick, 092214

Many of you know I moved to Colorado in order to have a better chance at health care. This turned out very well for me (so far), but many of my colleagues worldwide – folks who work very hard to bring you all the awesome creative product you love and use – have little or no support for major health crises. For that many, in any kind of catastrophic circumstance, such as a natural disaster or even a computer system completely failing at the worst possible moment, can mean the end of a career and the termination of any future creations from that person.

The RPG Creators Relief Fund is set up to help these folks, and now you can easily donate a buck or five while shopping on DriveThruRPG or any of the related sites. This is a noble and good thing that we have needed for a long time, so please consider supporting it.

We don’t make that much money. We do make a lot of dreams.

Thank you.


PS – Normally, I use an affiliate code when I post these things, which means I do earn a bit from each sale. In this case, I want to be clear that I am not using my affiliate code; I want every cent possible going into this fund to help those in need. Thank you.


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