Big Irish Vlog – “Malakar Dominion, More KS Updates, Tacticon, and More”

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 9/10/14

The OMG It’s Wednesday Edition

* Shaintar Kickstarter Update
– Malakar Dominion is done and out. Backers who were supposed to get it should have it; if not, drop me that email and we’ll straighten you out.
– The original order is out the window; we’re doing them in the order that lets us get them out the fastest, now. Numbering is gone.
– Magic & Cosmology continues to evolve – there’s a HUGE amount of material, way more than I ever anticipated, and more than a single Guidebook can possibly contain. We are still working out how best to handle this, but there’s some cool ideas on the table.
– Guidebook: Goblinesh is in full art development and layout. The novella, Edge of Honor (Steve Long) is almost ready for release.
– Both the Writer’s Guide and the Style Guide have been completed and assignments to other authors and creators are going out. The former is actually available for fans to read through if they wish; contact me if you’ve not seen it yet and want to.

* Tacticon 2014
– Fantastic event, tons of games. Shaintar was exceedingly popular at this convention.
– <Insert verbal summary of things here>

* Birthright: Phoenix Rising (D&D 5th)
– First chance to play face-to-face under the fantastic Ross Watson
– All-Star cast of players: Carinn, Bill and Tammy Keyes, Bryant Smith, Jake Burgess.
– Looked like a TPK near the end. Exciting and thrilling, with some decidedly Savage-y tones to it.
– Rulings over rules makes it easy for “Rule of Cool” to apply.

* Savage September
– Just a note to let you know about the 15% (or better) off of tons of Savage Worlds products on DriveThruRPG.
– Find out more here:

* Black and Read
– Most awesomest used books/games/media store I’ve ever seen. `Nuff said.
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