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My dear friends, Hazardswake Overmind* and Susan “Sooz” Knowles, just won the Grand Prize for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest!

Their game, Remnants of Isolation, was judged the best-of-the-best out of a field of over 800 entries, reviewed by an all-star panel of Judges including Ed Greenwood and Kimberly Weigend.

They got a very nice cash prize, and their game will get some additional polish (including some additional art and music support) to get it ready for sale on Steam!

I cannot express just how happy and proud I am for these two phenomenal people and the amazing work they’ve done. I am looking forward to diving back into playing this myself.

(*) – Edited due to a recent privacy/doxxing issue. Ugly Internet trolls are truly ugly, horrible people.

It’s the last day for the Savage September sale, folks, so if you’ve been waiting to jump on the 15% or more (yes, just like car insurance) savings, this is pretty much it. Some more items for your consideration –

Shaintar Guidebook: Malakar Dominion

Recently released and featuring the gifted (and twisted) writings of Eddy Webb, this is the first of the Shaintar Guidebooks. It’s a helluva beginning.

A federation bound in rebellion. A country forged in freedom. A nation seething in intrigue… It would be a utopia, if you didn’t have to sleep with a dagger under your pillow.


The Kerberos Club (Savage Worlds Edition)

Superheroes in Victorian London, as only the oddly wonderful (or is that wonderfully odd?) folks at Arc Dream can do it.

Play the heroes and villains of a Strange century! When the victims and enthusiasts of magic and bizarre science meet in an infamous club for “the Strange,” thrilling action is sure to follow! The Kerberos Club includes a detailed history and thorough treatment of Victorian society in its every particular, especially the incredible and sometimes awful changes that “the Strangeness” comes to wreak upon Queen and Country alike.

ENNIE AWARD NOMINEE (Best Writing, Best Setting, Product of the Year).


Achtung! Cthulhu: Investigator’s Guide

World War II pulp action adventure – complete with Nazis! – as the omnipresent threat of Dread Cthulhu and the rest of his “merry band” looms in the shadows.

Discover the secret history of World War Two: stories of amazing heroism, in which stalwart men and women struggle to overthrow a nightmare alliance of steel and the occult; of frightening inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time; of the unbelievable war machines which are the product of Nazi engineering genius – and how close we all are to a slithering end! The Secret War has begun!

Savage Mojo‘s been supporting both Savage Worlds and Pathfinder with their mega-dungeon love-letter series, and the latest PF iteration – Machine of the Lich Queen – is now available.

Enjoy an old school killer dungeon in a fantasy setting that draws heroes from every corner of time & space.

The Lich Queen has trapped your heroes in her ever-shifting labyrinth. They’ve survived the Tome of the Lich Queen, but now they enter the machine level – the inner workings of the dungeon. Left or right, fight or hide, rescue an angel or ally with a demon…make your choices carefully.

Welcome to the meat grinder!


If you want to know more about the whole thing, check this out –

I know a lot of very talented people, and Bill “Teh Evil Bunneh” Keyes is definitely one of them. The Widening Gyre is a vision of steampunk that really sings and swings with adventure, creativity, and challenging ideas.

“It is a world of wonder, of horror, of adventure, of magic, of strange technology and unprecedented cultural revolution. This is the age that nearly was, filled with radium-powered flying machines, clockwork automata, and steam-driven computers. It is an age of dark magic, sinister secrets, and unholy cults. It is a time in which the world teeters on the edge of disaster, where the enlightened scientific mind battled against ancient superstition and ignorance, in which the souls of all mankind hung in the balance.”

And here we go again.

The Last Parsec – Savage Worlds

Shane Hensley’s love letter to Star Frontiers and all the great sci-fi adventure we know and love so well.

It is an unparalleled age. Cutting edge science has opened limitless frontiers of space and consciousness, and has even begun to hint at the mysteries of the universe itself. But to find them, one must travel beyond the familiar, to the last parsecs of reality. 

Amazing Adventures RPG

Down to the last few hours for this “RPG of science, sorcery, pugilistic pummeling, gun-toting, sword-wielding, B17-flying, gadget carrying adventure!” By the fine folks of Troll Lord Games.

Karthun: Lands of Conflict

A system-neutral setting with some rather unique elements.

Karthun is a world torn nearly apart by ageless conflict, where men and gods wage wars that tear across lands and skies. Adventure waits in forest, desert and tomb alike, with ancient artifacts waiting for rediscovery, provided perilous traps can be braved.

Southlands: New Fantasy Options for Pathfinder RPG

Basically, The Mummy and Scorpion King for Pathfinder, as crafted by the Kobold Press guys.

Stuff and Nonsense

“Stuff and Nonsense is a tabletop game about would-be Victorian adventurers who never actually leave London.”

Really, `nuff said. Well, that, and Cheapass Games.

Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws


Five Moons RPG by Sean K Reynolds

The creator’s manifesto for this game –

“Five Moons is a fantasy RPG designed by me, Sean K Reynolds. Its play style will be familiar to fans of D&D and the Pathfinder RPG, but colored by my experiences in the tabletop, card, and video game industry over the past 19 years.”

Savage September is almost over, and this final weekend, Pinnacle is celebrating with some massive sale prices on some of their products. Shane doesn’t do this very often at all, so you really don’t want to miss out.

50 Fathoms Explorer’s Edition

Plunder a drowning world.

84% off! Normally $24.99! Now just $3.99!


Weird War II

This isn’t just war—this is Weird War!

60% off! Save $18.74! Now just $6.99!


Solomon Kane Collection

This is a bundle product containing FOUR SEPARATE BOOKS.

60% off! A $40 value… Now just $15.99!

Third Eye’s AMP: Year One is off and running, and now there’s the first adventure, Attack of the Buzz.

In April 2015, there were bee attacks that ravaged the town of Alice, Texas. Now, the trail of the AMP responsible has lead to a small town in Ohio. Can the characters find the culprit before another terrible event occurs?


  • Complete adventure for beginning and veteran players
  • Continues a pivotal story from the AMP: Year One Timeline
  • New Augments for the Leash Power

Fans of the FATE version of Nova Praxis will be thrilled to see this one. Even with the recent release of the Nova Praxis (Savage Worlds Edition), it’s clear FATE support continues with this key release.

Machinations expands upon the Nova Praxis setting, delving deeper into the Coalition and Houses while also introducing several new factions. Machinations also offers new gameplay options, campaign advice, campaign examples, and a ready to run introductory scenario. This GM’s companion is littered with plot hooks and inspiration for new and experienced Nova Praxis GMs.”