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Seriously behind on this, so diving right in…

Chronicles of Ramlar RPG, Pathfinder Edition

Another cool setting gets “Pathfindered.”

Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming Surface

My buddy, Mike McConnel, is trying to bring these back, and they are fantastic. Seriously, get on this one!

The Maze of Games Audiobook Narrated by Wil Wheaton

One of the more unique items you can get involved with – a novel you hear as you solve the puzzle, playing along!

WILD CARD SYMPHONIES – Poetry Collection

Famed game designer and burgeoning Renaissance Man, Angus Abranson, has a rather excellent collection of poetry to share…


Fans of “Akira,” this game is for you!

Sean K Reynolds presents “Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic”

Sean K. Reynolds. `Nuff said, really.

Watch for another set of these later this week!

The folks at Mystical Throne Entertainment have announced a massive price reduction across the board for their own IPs.

Going forward, all core setting products will be priced at $2.50/$5.00/$10.00 depending on length. Generally, this means a price reduction across the board. For example, the Xenopedia has dropped to $5 while Faith & Demons: The Rising has dropped to $10. Core products are those defined as core setting guides and core rulebooks. This also means the price of many of our PODs have been reduced as well.

Stuff like the following are now dramatically reduced – permanently – in their prices.



To all whom have been infected with my passionate love for Sentinels of the Multiverse, there is wondrous, terrible news.

A new product for the line is now in pre-order, and they’ve cleverly tied tons of extra goodies for all who pre-order to the number of people who pre-order Wrath of the Cosmos.

Join me as we defend our non-moon-crushed earth from threats cosmic…

If you’re a GM rolling d20s for your game, this book will likely add a great deal of blood (and a decent amount of comedy) to your game. Those who look back on the I.C.E. days fondly, when the Law books eviscerated thousands of characters everywhere, will know what I am talking about here.

“With 600 critical hit and fumble effects, Laying Waste presents a slick system to maximize the enjoyment of critical hits and fumbles in the Pathfinder RPG or any OGL d20 systems. This system replaces the standard critical hit and fumble rules, adding realism and balance to combat, while still being simple and elegant enough to use with ease.”

Ready to get Chaotic?

Black Crusade is a remarkable standalone RPG that offers players an entirely new perspective on the conflict between the Imperium of Man and the forces of Chaos. This groundbreaking concept delivers the unprecedented opportunity to play as a Disciple of the Dark Gods, whether as a Chaos Space Marine or a human Servant of Chaos.”

This is the book Warhammer 40K RPG fans have really been waiting for.

Which makes me worry for the future of our species, really…

(Reposting this from a Facebook post I made yesterday, because I believe this is an important message for the necessary discussion we are having about how we treat people in the gaming community.)

The journey to self-awareness and growth never, ever ends, and it’s often quite painful.

I am unintentionally, casually chauvinistic. I say “unintentionally” only in that I never, ever mean to demean or marginalize women I meet or have in my life, yet I nonetheless contribute regularly to the very problems I’ve been railing about lately.

Like the folks who “just grew up that way,” casually throwing the N-word (or some other racial epithet) around – “Aw, I don’t mean nothin’ by it!” – I offer observations about a woman’s attractiveness and features very readily, and usually upon first meeting. Sometimes with what I think is poetry and dashing; sometimes with a casual familiarity that is utterly unwarranted, due to my self-ascribed Life of the Party role.
Almost always inappropriately. I only offer the modifier in light of the rare occasions where I am flirted with first.

In doing this, I’ve been couching many initial contacts with females in the context of what their appearance means to me, rather than what their humanity means.

I may be (indeed, am) completely interested in them as a potential player in one of my games; fellow fan of one geekdom or another; person who can enrich my life in some amazing and unforeseen way; and a host of other possibilities.

What I tell them, however, when I compliment their eyes, or the fetching dress they are wearing, or their great smile, or the “hot glasses” they are wearing (recent example) is that, first and foremost, I am placing a judgment on their appearance and wish to communicate that judgment as an early part of our connection.

I don’t mean nothin’ by it.

Doesn’t matter. I am doing damage. I am perpetuating so many wrong things when I do this. I need to stop.

I will be working on this. I won’t swear to never do it again; decades of habit are never easy to break. I do swear to work on it, and to work on not being defensive when you call me on it.

Please do call me on it.

One of the things I try to tell the casual racists in my life is that they are grownup, capable of making adult decisions to change their behavior, and no amount of “but that’s how things were when I grew up” excuses their behavior.

Hello, Man in the Mirror.

To all the women in my life who have experienced this with me (and far too often simply forgave me as yet another dumbass who didn’t seem to know any better), I am very sorry. I love that you’ve forgiven me – time and time again – and that you’ve understood that I never meant to marginalize or insult or create inequality.

Stop letting me get away with it.

Please feel free to share this around if you feel it has any value to others in your life. I am never afraid to take my personal shame and journey of growth and use it to create more understanding.


Sean Patrick Fannon

Holy [expletive!], TORG!

OK, I’ll try to calm down now. It’s just… this is one of the most influential games of its age, and it remains a nostalgic favorite among fans and designers to this day. It’s had a major influence on my thinking about gaming since it first came out (so long ago).

But the really huge news is that Ulisses Spiel (who’ve been sitting on this for quite a while now) have announced they are coming out with new TORG material at last!

Per the DriveThruRPG Newsletter –

The good folks at Ulisses Spiele are excited to announce that there will be new Torg titles forthcoming in 2015—so brush up on your lore, gear up your Storm Knights, and get ready to defend the Realms!

And if you’re new to Torg (or if it’s new to you), you can check it out here for free, in the Torg Introductory Pack.”