The Big Irish Vlog – “Post Gen Con, Pre Tacticon”

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 8/25/14

Starting to Look Like Monday is the Day Edition

* Gen Con, One Week Later
– Took it easier, not so devastated
– Lots more time with Shaintar fans and friends
– ENnies
– Endra’s Gambit

* More Shaintar Progress
– Guidebook: The Malakar Dominion – Art nearly done
– Novella: Edge of Honor – Cover art in early stages
– Eastport – Being set up as final print file; still need to examine how we’ll format that for mass release
– Guidebook: the Goblinesh – Early art and book dev
– The Shaintar Color Map!
– The Shaintar Writer’s Guide is DONE; last bits of feedback, then I will release it to the Shaintar fans for both the fun of it and for folks to really grok my thinking about this world and how to write/run it.

* What’s Next
– Magic and Cosmology
— Gen Con put me behind on it. That ends TODAY. Pretty much my sole focus, outside of TactiCon

* Speaking of TactiCon
– This coming Labor Day Weekend, Aug 28 – Sept 1, Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast
– HUGE program of Shaintar Games, called Olara: Stand or Fall. Big Epic Finale, featuring a combination of Spot Skirmishes and the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Epic Battle Rules, for Savage Saturday Night – the Siege of Thuls!


Sean Patrick Fannon, creator of Shaintar, RPG industry veteran, and Chief Everything of Evil Beagle Games, expounds regularly about stuff he is into and stuff he feels like sharing… which could be pretty much anything.

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  1. Rob August 25, 2014 10:21 pm  Reply

    You know I had that same problem with tube! Good for you! enjoy yourself!

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