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This is one that resonates with so many folks I know.

Cats are magical; cats understand sacrifice and the power of names. A decapitated mouse left on the doorstep or pillow is a powerful ward, and a spell wailed by the cat chorus confers even greater protection. When evil is on the rise and the safety of the neighbourhood is at stake the Parliament of Cats is there to stand firm against the darkness.

Yeah, The Secrets of Cats is already a Hit of 2014.


The much-celebrated Sasquatch Game Studio (Richard BakerStephen Schubert, David Noonan – all veterans of d20-driven materials) is on deck to product third-party materials for the new 5th Edition D&D.

They also Kickstarted and released a Pathfinder setting called Primeval Thule (there’s also a D&D 4th and 13th Age version) –

Welcome to Thule, a primordial land of fierce barbarians, elder horrors, and savage wilderness. In this ancient age, humankind is a young race, newly arisen on a monster-haunted Earth. Cities of cruel spledor lie scattered across the great lands of the north like a handful of gems strewn from a dead thief’s hand.

This is a doomed age, a time of great deeds and inhuman terror destined to be lost and forgotten beneath the numbing cloak of endless winter. But for one glittering moment, Thule lives—and it is a fierce, cruel, splendid, and marvelous moment indeed.

Time to get your sword-and-sorcery on.

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 8/25/14

Starting to Look Like Monday is the Day Edition

* Gen Con, One Week Later
– Took it easier, not so devastated
– Lots more time with Shaintar fans and friends
– ENnies
– Endra’s Gambit

* More Shaintar Progress
– Guidebook: The Malakar Dominion – Art nearly done
– Novella: Edge of Honor – Cover art in early stages
– Eastport – Being set up as final print file; still need to examine how we’ll format that for mass release
– Guidebook: the Goblinesh – Early art and book dev
– The Shaintar Color Map!
– The Shaintar Writer’s Guide is DONE; last bits of feedback, then I will release it to the Shaintar fans for both the fun of it and for folks to really grok my thinking about this world and how to write/run it.

* What’s Next
– Magic and Cosmology
— Gen Con put me behind on it. That ends TODAY. Pretty much my sole focus, outside of TactiCon

* Speaking of TactiCon
– This coming Labor Day Weekend, Aug 28 – Sept 1, Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast
– HUGE program of Shaintar Games, called Olara: Stand or Fall. Big Epic Finale, featuring a combination of Spot Skirmishes and the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Epic Battle Rules, for Savage Saturday Night – the Siege of Thuls!


Sean Patrick Fannon, creator of Shaintar, RPG industry veteran, and Chief Everything of Evil Beagle Games, expounds regularly about stuff he is into and stuff he feels like sharing… which could be pretty much anything.

System-agnostic stuff is becoming increasingly popular; so many folks have a game system they like (Savage WorldsFATE, d20, and so on), but are interested in new ways to play with those systems. Lots of very creative folks are focusing on world-building rather than re-inventing game mechanic wheels, and some of the stuff coming out of those efforts is worth a good look for GMs enterprising enough to adapt.

The folks at Vagrant Workshop have “a future fantasy setting of stunning action, frightening intrigue, and mystical powers, set in a war-ravaged dark future.” By way of further explanation,

The Equinox Setting Guide is a book of ideas, a condensed description of a much larger universe. This book presents the setting and background of Equinox, which you can use for a wide variety of things: as a game world for your favorite roleplaying game system, as inspiration for writing stories, for designing your own board or digital games, or just as a good read for spurring your imagination.

Because this book doesn’t contain any game mechanics (except for some general guidelines you might find useful for adapting the setting), you can adapt it easily as a backdrop for your favorite game system.


Today is the birthday of one of the most celebrated authors and creative minds in fantastic fiction and gaming, H.P. Lovecraft. While it’s true that I, personally, have never been a fan, I cannot help but respect the massive impact his work continues to exhibit upon my hobby and passion.

In celebration of his birthday (August 20, 1890) DriveThruRPG has a sale of select Cthulhian products at 25% off!

Arc DreamChaosiumModiphius, and Pelgrane Press are only a handful of the publishers involved, so make sure you check them all out!