The Big Irish Vlog – “ENnies Voting, Anniversary, Big Beagle Changes”

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 7/20/14

Been a while, I know, but there are some huge things to get into tonight, so here we go.

* We’re In Denver!

* ENnie Awards Voting is Open!

– Shaintar: Legends Arise is up for Best Rules
– Shaintar: Legends Unleashed is up for Best Electronic Book
– Evil Beagle Games is up for Fan-Favorite Publisher
– Deadlands Noir is up for Best Art, Interior; Best Cartography (for their New Orleans and Hexaco maps); Best Setting; Best Supplement (for the Companion); and Product of the Year
– Achtung! Cthulhu – Keepers Guide to the Secret War is up for Best Art, Cover

– This is a dream come true, just being nominated. However, if you love Shaintar – or any of the products and companies listed, please do vote, and get the word out to everyone else.

* The Anniversary of the Shaintar Kickstarter Funding

– This is bittersweet, due to all that should have been done by now.
– We’ve gotten the two core books fully out and delivered, to the best of my knowledge.
– I’ve not yet begun my run at the Roll20 stuff. One of my goals is to finally get set up to run games on a semi-regular basis, and to do so very soon now that we are moved. I am developing some ideas about an approach that will allow for different folks to operate from the same area, going on different missions.
– Villages, Cities, Kingdoms and the like have been integrated into the upcoming new map, being worked on by the amazing Alida Saxon. I will also be targeting where they go in the various books to be released. I will also be working those Bloodline submissions into various releases.
– The Guidebooks and Black Lantern Reports are still behind, but I’ve got something new to reveal on that in a few. I will say that I have manuscripts in from Eddy Webb (Malakar Dominion) and Phil Vecchione (Goblinesh), and all delays are my fault, not theirs.
– The Big Personal Thank Yous are being integrated into a special project called “Dramatis Heroica,” and none other than our dear friend, Al Bear, is scheduled to help me whip that into shape. Carinn is even now setting up our space to begin with her part of that project, which is all the kit-bashed minis for it.
– The Burning Heart Adventure is waiting in the wings for me to pull together into a solid, releasable form.
– Ed Greenwood’s “Serenity: City of Secrets” remains on the table; he’s just waiting for me to confer with him on getting it started. With the Big News coming up, I anticipate some new movement there very soon.
– The Godstrike Tempest still needs me and Miles to get our hands into it, but a lot of groundwork has been laid for that (as anyone playing in the Shaintar: Justice and Life campaign already knows).
– The Six Times Epic scenarios did get completed and released, so there’s another victory.
– Mythical Lairs Bonus Goal is still in development, and those folks have had their own share of bumpy roads. The scenario I wrote to go with it, however, is long done and out.
– The Accursed Crossover is currently being finished up by John Dunn at Melior Via. There’s very nice cover art, and I expect we will see a finished product soon.
– The Shaintar Adventure Cards are done, delivered, and available as print products on DriveThruRPG.
– Aaron Acevedo and I have chatted some more about the In Lord Severance’s Service supplement, and I know he remains excited about getting that done and out.
– The Pirate Press guys have finally gotten Battle for Oz done, so they should soon be able to put some work into the crossover scenario soon.
– Steve Long’s already turned in his manuscript for the Shaintar Tales novellas; I need to coordinate with Aaron Rosenberg, Dan McGirt, and Scott Corum about getting those other three in and produced for release.
– The “Frank’s Rangers” Bonus Goal – where I am writing unique adventures for him and two other backers, which are to be shared with everyone else who backed – is another area where I just have to carve the time and get it done. It will end up being a combined book, and I am pretty sure I will interweave the stories into a greater arc, so that should be fun.

So that covers all the Kickstarter Goals and Bonus Stuff. As I said, there’s a lot that remains too far behind for it being a full year since we funded.

Which is why I’ve taken a pretty major step towards fixing the problems with Evil Beagle Games. Tonight, I am very pleased to announce that Ross Watson is joining Evil Beagle as a partner, and he will be taking the role of Managing Director for the company. Ross has extensive experience with product development and management, as well as being an exceptionally talented writer and designer in his own right. I am turning over the management of things to him, and he will be seeing to it that I get my ducks in a row, and that projects get done and delivered.

He’s also going to help expand Evil Beagle’s overall production and publishing schedule, with new products and new talent making those products happen.

At the same time, Carinn is formally being instituted as the third partner in our new LLC. A founder, as I am, she is also our Editor-in-Chief, and she will be ensuring that everything is as right as we can make it before it goes out the door.

There will be more formal announcements and press information coming in the very near future, but I felt it was important to let Shaintar and Evil Beagle fans and supporters know this now.

* The GoFundMe Campaign

Ross, Carinn, Sammi, Riah, and I are all incredibly grateful to those who contributed to making our dream of moving here to Denver come true. It’s already been an exceptionally fantastic experience – an army of amazing people came through for us on both ends, helping with the loading and the unloading, and we are getting settled into the Raven’s Nest very nicely.

We will be going through the Rewards stuff starting next week, contacting everyone to arrange delivery of what was promised. We will likely take the GoFundMe down at the end of this month, and we again want to thank everyone for your incredible support of this dream.
Sean Patrick Fannon, creator of Shaintar, RPG industry veteran, and Chief Kibbler of Evil Beagle Games, expounds regularly about stuff he is into and stuff he feels like sharing… which could be pretty much anything.

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