ENnie Award Nominees

I’m in Columbia Township, MO, as I write this, having just awoken on our second day of travel from Huntsville to Denver.

What a thing to wake up to!

The 2014 ENnie Awards Nominations are announced, and there is an incredible field of amazing products and talents represented. The ENnie Awards rose to become one of the pinnacle award programs for our hobby, such that it really is an incredible honor just to be nominated.

Which, as it turns out, Evil Beagle Games was this year. Twice. <cue tears again, making it difficult to write>

Yeah, I am choked up. It’s an amazing feeling to receive this kind of validation. Shaintar: Legends Arise is nominated for Best Rules. This is, frankly, a shock. I am proud of how I expanded the options and potential of Savage Worlds with my design efforts in Shaintar, but this level of acknowledgment was never expected. It’s one thing to be a respected writer among the pool of talent I get to rub elbows with.

It’s quite another to actually have my game design chops compared to those of Rob Heinsoo and the rest of the 13th Age team; Ryan Macklin and the FATE Core gang; Robin D. Laws (nominated for Hillfolk); and Sean Preston and his exceptional tremulus.

2014 ENnnie Awards Nominee, Best Rules


For Best Electronic Book, Shaintar: Legends Unleashed got the nod. As one of the more vocal advocates of e-publishing, I am incredibly honored to have the privilege of sitting alongside Sneak Attack’s Broken Earth; Brabblemark’s Corporia; Purple Duck’s and 4 Winds’ joint effort, Fairie Tales from the Unlit Shores; and Green Ronin’s Players Guide to Emerald City.

2014 ENnie Awards Nominee, Best Electronic Book


The very dedicated ENnie Judges have spoken. Come July 20th, it will be your turn to decide who walks away with the Silver and Gold Awards at Gen Con. If you love it, show it and vote, friends. These are, at the end of the day, your Awards – your opportunity to show publishers, artists, writers, designers, and all of the other talented and creative folks involved that their efforts are truly elevated in your eyes.

Now, if you will excuse me, Imma go do my Snoopy Dance in the corner for a while longer before hitting the road for Denver…

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  1. Roger July 14, 2014 3:58 pm  Reply

    This is fantastic news!!! CONgrats!

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