Kickstarter Roundup, 070814

A ton have come across my desk, and I’ve been behind due to last-minute preparation for our Big Denver Move. So way past time to get some of these in front of you.

Rhune: Dawn of Twilight

They call it Stormpunk, with a conflict between weird science and those who honor nature battling for the soul of the world. Oh, and Ragnarok sits at the center of it all. It’s a gorgeous Pathfinder setting with a lot of new-interesting going on.

PS – There’s some talk about Savaging it…


Fragged Empire

There’s post-apocalyptic. And then there’s “post-post apocalyptic,” and Fragged Empire takes the genre past the crawl-from-the-rubble part and back into space. The KS is for a system and setting combined.



This one is (A) from my friend Mike McConnell and (b) not actually a Kickstarter, but a project on Prefundia. The classic Tact-Tiles – the interlocking grid you can draw any situation on – are making a comeback, and you can be a part of that.

Maximum Xcrawl: Powered by Pathfinder

The Death Sport Dungeon Crawl setting gets a total facelift, Pathfinder style.



As the page says, “a friendly, fuzzy, Fate-Accelerated, RPG!” This one is definitely for kids.


Shadows Over Normandie

“When Heroes of Normandie & Achtung! Cthulhu meet for a boardgame, it gives you Shadows over Normandie, a new epic tale of World War 2.”




Hellfrost Atlas of the Frozen North

Fans of the Savage Setting known as Hellfrost will most certainly want to get in on this one – a giant, gorgeous atlas project that covers the many years of development of this deep, rich fantasy universe.


Through Gamer Goggles Gen Con 2014 Media Experience

Finally, a project dedicated to seeing to it that everyone who cannot go to Gen Con this year gets a full media experience to make up for it.

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