Crossbows, Crafting, and Ka-ZOT! A Shaintar Supplement

By now, most of you know we are moving to Denver, CO. It’s happening this coming Sunday, July 13th.

Some unexpected last-minute expenses have slammed us right in the wallets, so we need to do something to make sure we can keep gas in that big Penske truck I’ll be driving for over 20 hours from Huntsville, AL to Denver, CO.

One way you can help is to pick up this latest bit of Savage Worlds coolness I’ve put together for you. Entitled Crossbow, Crafting, and Ka-ZOT!, it includes the following stuff to add to your Shaintar or other Savage Worlds games:

* Edges for those who think there’s nowhere near enough love for the crossbow. Now you can be one heck of a sniper with one, among other things.

* Stuff for Alchemists, making their lot in life easier and playing one in the field a lot more fun. This includes the new “Poppers” – minor concoctions they can make lots of that have really nifty effects.

* “Making Things in Shaintar,” a set of crafting rules that no only makes crafting potions an easier and less onerous experience for the player, it empowers the GM with a balanced way to quickly manage between-session crafting, tinkering, artifice, and the like.

* Finally, something a lot of Shaintar players have been waiting for a long, long time. That’s where the “Ka-ZOT” comes in; in this document, the official rules for the Arcmancy AB and Professional Edge.

The product’s suggested price is $3, but I’ve set it at Pay What You Want. Anything you care to spare will be greatly appreciated, friends, and thank you again for your amazing support!



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