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I had the extraordinary pleasure of playing Cartoon Action Hour with the inestimable Eddy Webb at AndoCon this past weekend (specifically his Dark Brigade setting*). Now his latest setting for the game is out! Iron Wolves involves cybernetically-enhanced members of a specialized intergalactic task force doing battle with the bee-like Queen Pin, using their combinable space ships for extra-exciting “cops-and-robbers” action!

* – “And remember, kids, Sharky the S.E.A.L. says it’s important to take the responsibility of watering and caring for your indoor plants seriously. Daaaark Bri-gaaaade!”

It would be seriously bad luck for any of you to miss out on DriveThruRPG’s 10th Anniversary Celebration sales. There’s over $300 of excellent stuff for just $20 in the two key bundles, for example.

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary (RPG) Bundle contains such gems as Classic SpycraftFirefly (Friends in Low Places)Shadowrun Digital Tools Box, and Wild Talents (2nd Edition).


I get a lot of stuff in that folks would like me to promote, and since I am on the road a lot and in the midst of other things, I am just going to throw a bunch of cool stuff together into this one post to share. Enjoy!

The Cloven Fruit Games Patreon Page

A series of cool gaming products using the interesting new model for creative sharing and patronage.




Gamification of the classroom, leading to some rather amazing education results!


Thunderbirds Cooperative Tabletop Game

“Thunderbirds Are Go!” The classic sci-fi adventure kids show from 60s is being brought to the tabletop by the innovative folks at Modiphius Entertainment. This is, frankly, just too freaking cool! (I still have some of the old Dinky toys!)


OtherSpace Reboot on Join the Saga

I’ll let Wes tell you directly – “On June 28, OtherSpace – an online collaborative sci-fi epic, officially reboots in celebration of its 16th anniversary. It’s a real-time, original-theme space opera saga that’s been evolving over the years through the actions and consequences of participants from all over the world. We’re accepting new character applications now. Get started at! Any questions? Email Wes Platt at”


Finally, here’s something from the GeekStorm GameTable – their look at Savage Worlds!

Origin. Goal. Method. Role. Emotion. These are the core elements with which the Insta-NPCs series from Moebius Adventures intend to aid you in fleshing out your main and supporting cast for your campaigns.

Insta-NPCs #3: Scum and Villainy, Inc. helps you delve into your bad guys, making them that much more compelling as foes to contend with.

Today I would like to point you towards a key piece of gamer history. In the earliest days of our hobby, the original D&D rules left many would-be enthusiasts perplexed and frustrated. They had a lot of assumptions built into them, not the least of which regarded your possession and knowledge of other established tabletop miniature wargaming rules and conventions.

One of the folks who decided at the outset to address his frustrations by creating his own rules was the interesting and creative Kennet St. Andre. He brought forth Tunnels & Trolls into the gaming world, determined to present an easier and more accessible (if clearly tongue-in-cheek) set of rules that could be played traditionally, solo, or by mail.

As Ken stated, “my conception of the T&T world was based on The Lord of The Rings as it would have been done by Marvel Comics in 1974 with Conan, Elric, the Gray Mouser and a host of badguys thrown in.”

Thanks to certain goals achieved via their recent Kickstarter, Flying Buffalo now offers the original Tunnels & Trolls First Edition Reprint as a PDF. Seriously, it’s well worth a look for the history, and you may discover it’s the game you’d like to play!

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 06/10/2014

* AndoCon (Atlanta, June 13-15)
— Eddy Webb and myself as gaming Guests of Honor, and it’s going to be an absolute trip. I get to play in his Cartoon Action Hour game, and he’s playing Shaintar at my table!
— The grand finale of the Thundering Skies Saga. Sunday’s event promises to be one of my more epic presentations.

* DriveThruRPG’s 10th Birthday Celebration…

* The Shaintar Justice and Life Report

— Major coordinated event stuff happened at Momocon and across the entire campaign. Check out the link to read all about it – it’s very exciting stuff!

* To All the Shaintar Kickstarter Backers…

— The Move
— Manuscripts in from Phil Vechhione, Eddy Webb, and Steve Long
— Content aplenty on the official site, and more stuff in development
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