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It’s a good day to be a Savage Worlds fan! Not only did we have the Battle for Oz release to celebrate earlier, I am thrilled to share a work featuring the oddly wonderful talents of my old friend, Chris Avellone.

Accursed: Sand and Stone is yet another adventure for fans of the Accursed setting, this one showing off the amazing wonders of the nations of Hebron and Hyphrates. Savage fans looking for a bit more “Arabian Nights” style material will also find a lot of useful stuff here.

This is one of those times where I am going to have to let my buddy, Clint Black, do the talking –

Battle For Oz is what you get when an Oz movie is set in modern times with Dorothy’s butt-kicking daughter played by Scarlett Johansson, Ron Perlman is the No-Longer-Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Toto is a gruff one-eyed CGI terrier voiced by Sam freaking Elliot, and the new Wizard makes the Wicked Witch look like a misunderstood girl with a complexion problem (where have I heard that before). Except it’s not a movie, it’s your story, and you have to save the Emerald City. So armor up, grab a weapon, and march down the Yellow Brick Road because Oz… just got Savage!”

A lot of worthies to show you, starting with a really worthy one.

Save vs Hunger

A one day gaming event to support the Second Harvest Food Bank in eastern Tennessee. Knowing the area as well as I do, this is decidedly needed and a good thing to help happen.

Backstory Cards

Ryan Macklin keeps finding amazing people to do amazing things with. This time, he’s teamed up with a group of talented folks to turn the act of figuring out interconnected back stories into an exceptionally fun “game” all its own – one you can play before the campaign gets underway.


The Convention Experience @ Gen Con 2014

Podcaster/Vidcaster Matt Lemke of Through Gamer Goggles wants to help everyone who cannot make it to Gen Con this year have a full convention experience via their computer. 30-50 videos featuring everything going on, from huge events to special behind-the-scenes stuff. If you’ve always wanted to feel like you were there, Matt’s the fellow geek to make that happen for you.

Mark Arsenault is one of my dearest friends in the games industry. Though this isn’t technically a gaming product, it is well worth your support. Both Mark and I are cancer survivors, but his was a considerably more dangerous and difficult battle. I am particularly glad he’s around to have this book coming out, and a portion of all proceeds go towards colon cancer research.


I had the pleasure of playing the earliest iteration of this adventure with the author, Phil Vechhione, at Queen City Conquest earlier this year. It was my introduction to Dungeon World, as a matter of fact, and a hell of a lot of fun. Something of a throwback to the old Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, for those who go back that far.

Enter the Dangerous Space Jail, if you dare!