Kickstarter Roundup, 062614

A bit behind, so quite a few to share this time out.


Andy Hobb is at it again with another bizarre and wonderful game based on the strangest world any imagination has ever dreamt of.


Primetime Adventures

As recommended by Wil Wheaton, play the greatest television show that never was. Not an RPG, but a card-driven game that lets you work out plots, character arcs, and all the rest.

Tiny Epic Defenders

The already-hugely successful follow-up to the smash hit, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and another entry into the fast-growing “micro-game” field.


Feed the Shoggoth! Card Game

No Kickstarter list seems to be complete without at least one Lovecraftian-oriented product, and here’s the latest on you can spend Sanity Points on. “Deliciously evil.”

InSpectres: The Movie

Finally, a movie written by my friend Matt Forbeck, which the redoubtable Darren Orange is tirelessly working to make a reality. “Ghostbusters meets The Office.”

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