Cornucopia of Cool, 061214

I get a lot of stuff in that folks would like me to promote, and since I am on the road a lot and in the midst of other things, I am just going to throw a bunch of cool stuff together into this one post to share. Enjoy!

The Cloven Fruit Games Patreon Page

A series of cool gaming products using the interesting new model for creative sharing and patronage.




Gamification of the classroom, leading to some rather amazing education results!


Thunderbirds Cooperative Tabletop Game

“Thunderbirds Are Go!” The classic sci-fi adventure kids show from 60s is being brought to the tabletop by the innovative folks at Modiphius Entertainment. This is, frankly, just too freaking cool! (I still have some of the old Dinky toys!)


OtherSpace Reboot on Join the Saga

I’ll let Wes tell you directly – “On June 28, OtherSpace – an online collaborative sci-fi epic, officially reboots in celebration of its 16th anniversary. It’s a real-time, original-theme space opera saga that’s been evolving over the years through the actions and consequences of participants from all over the world. We’re accepting new character applications now. Get started at! Any questions? Email Wes Platt at”


Finally, here’s something from the GeekStorm GameTable – their look at Savage Worlds!

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