Kickstarter Roundup, 060514

Because there’s a bunch more, and I promised.

Heroes! The Anthology

The late, great Aaron Allston is in this, and that’s enough right there, but you also get awesome short fiction about superheroes from the likes of Michael Stackpole, Gail Z. Martin, and Timothy Zahn, too.


Strange Brew (Pathfinder/C&C): The Ultimate Witch & Warlock

Dual statted for Castles & Crusades players as well as Pathfinder fans, this book will help you delve into every aspect of witches and warlocks, enabling a number of pathways to very different styles of magic for your games.



Cowards and Carrots

This coward-placement game requires the development of your village’s cowards in order to kill the dreaded Dragonbunny.” Seriously, you gotta look at this to really get it. It’s kinda cute/twisted.



And then there’s this bizarre little gem from my dear friend, Andy Hopp, the warped mind behind Low Life and Dementalism. “Players take on the role of zazz-waggling giggity giggers in a race to nab traits from wandering giggities and attain awesomeness.” Really, what else could you wish for in life?

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