Big Irish Vlog – “Savage Praxis, Gen Con, and more”

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 05/18/2014

* Gen Con Event Reg

Holy wow! Just… woah. Gone in sixty seconds doesn’t even scratch the surface. I am both amazed and distressed, the latter due to how many people wanted to play and couldn’t get into a game.

So pay attention, `cause here’s what I’m going to do…

* The New Map

We’ve begun working in earnest on the new map for Shaintar, which will incorporate all the user-created content. Backers will see their kingdoms and other contributions on this, and many GMs will also find towns they’ve created on the map. There’s a working version (my Paint-driven scrawlings on a much older iteration) on the site.

* Campaign Collaboration

Howard Brandon has seriously stepped up and started making this even more of a reality than it was before. If you’re registered as a Grey Lantern on the forums, get in there and see what we mean. Campaigns are undergoing all kinds of awesome crossovers. If you’re running Shaintar and you’re not a Grey Lantern, let us know and we will hook you up.

* Savage Praxis

OK, friends, I want to talk to you about Nova Praxis, the Savage Worlds Edition…


Sean Patrick Fannon, creator of Shaintar, RPG industry veteran, and Chief Everything of Evil Beagle Games, expounds regularly about stuff he is into and stuff he feels like sharing… which could be pretty much anything.

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